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Publication cover 2013 Washington State Targeted Areas of Improvement & Strategic Opportunity for Technical Assistance Data Inventory
Apr 1, 2014, Andrew Wachter
The 2013 Washington Targeted Areas of Improvement Report is the final in a series of data inventory reports that document Washington Models for Change progress and outcomes. This Endpoints Edition…
Publication cover Innovation Brief: Judicial Colloquies: Communicating with Kids in Court
Dec 12, 2013, Rosa Peralta and George Yeannakis
Juvenile offenders are customarily required to comply with a lengthy list of rules imposed by a judge or juvenile probation counselor. Failures to comply, even those of a technical nature that result…
Publication cover King County Uniting for Youth Implementation Evaluation
Dec 31, 2012, Linda Rinaldi
This report evaluates Uniting for Youths’ implementation strategy for improving coordination and integration of youth who are involved in two or more systems in King County, Washington. Uniting…
Publication cover Spokane County (WA) Toolkit for Community Truancy Board Replication
Nov 25, 2013, Jennie Marshall
This toolkit is for any school district wishing to improve its ability to identify barriers to school attendance, problem-solve solutions, connect truant youth and their families with community-based…
Publication cover A Toolkit for Applying the Cultural Enhancement Model To Evidence-Based Practice
Nov 22, 2013, Sarah Cusworth Walker
At a national level, minority clients are less likely to access mental and behavioral health services and drop out of treatment more frequently than nonminority counterparts. While this phenomenon is…
Publication cover A Pilot Phase Analysis of King County, Washington’s PathNet Program Years 1 and 2 combined
Mar 31, 2013, The Vera Institute of Justice
PathNet was created to address the high rates of dropout youth in King County with involvement in the juvenile justice system. PathNet uses a path of networked organizations within the community to…
Publication cover Clark County Truancy Manual
Mar 1, 2013, Jodi Martin
The Clark County Truancy Manual is intended to provide a single source of information for individuals involved in the truancy court process, including school officials, Juvenile Court staff, Clark…
Publication cover Model Tribal Juvenile Codes
Jul 31, 2013, Matthew Ficcagblia
The Model Tribal Youth Codes reflect a core commitment to providing tribes with juvenile statutes assuring the fundamental rights of children and their parents, guardians and custodians, and allowing…
Publication cover Evaluation of Responses to Truancy in Clark County, Washington: Background Factors and Outcomes
Jan 31, 2013, Clayton Mosher
Clark County’s multi-layered approach to addressing truancy is highlighted in this report. The Clark County Truancy Project, a collaborative effort between the school districts, juvenile…
Publication cover Final Data Report for the Crossover Youth Practice Model in King County, Washington 2010/2011 Cases
Oct 31, 2012, Denise C. Herz
In 2010, King County, Washington implemented the Crossover Youth Practice Model (CYPM), a reform effort to improve communication and collaboration between child welfare and juvenile justice agencies…
Publication cover Using Language in Court That Youth Can Understand: the Washington Judicial Colloquies
Oct 31, 2012, TeamChild
When youth end up in court, they are often confused and uncertain about the purpose of the proceedings, and what's expected of them when they leave. Why? Because much of the language used there by…
Publication cover Benton and Franklin Counties Juvenile Justice Center - A Framework for Community-Based Truancy Reform
Sep 30, 2013, Jacque vanWormer
A report/toolkit, providing an overveiw of techniques and policy changes that have been successfully implemented in a community setting that struggles with high rates of truancy and school dropouts. …
Publication cover Washington State Integrated Case Management (ICM): A Replication Toolkit
Jan 1, 2013, Washington State Department of Socail & Health Services
We are pleased to present this Toolkit on the Integrated Case Management (ICM) work at the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration…

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Publication cover Innovation Brief: Special Counsel: Enhancing Juvenile Indigent Defense in Washington State
Dec 8, 2014, Center for Children & Youth Justice
When addressing the issue of indigent defense for juvenile respondents in Washington State, an initial reaction was that the cost for needed improvements would be formidable. Reducing caseloads and…
Publication cover Addressing the Needs of Multi-System Youth: Strengthening the Connection between Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice
Mar 1, 2012, Center for Juvenile Justice Reform at Georgetown University and Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps
It has been known for quite some time that children involved in the child welfare system are at risk of “crossing over” to the juvenile justice system and, inversely, that many juvenile…
Publication cover Adding Up Models for Change: Initial Findings from the Models for Change Database
Dec 9, 2011, Patrick Griffin, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Models for Change was deliberately designed to be wide-ranging—to support state and local reformers in a variety of settings, working in variety of issue areas, and taking a variety of…
Publication cover Probation Review Guidebook
Dec 9, 2011, Janet K. Wiig and John A. Tuell, Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps
The genesis for this guidebook was the probation review work undertaken in Jefferson Parish, LA as part of the work in the four core states associated with Models for Change: System Reform in…
Publication cover Juvenile Justice Guide Book for Legislators
Dec 5, 2011, National Conference of State Legislators
Under a partnership with the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, NCSL has published a juvenile justice guidebook addressing the most important juvenile justice policy issues of the day. …
Publication cover Knowledge Brief: Are Minority Youths Treated Differently in Juvenile Probation?
Dec 1, 2011, Models for Change Research Initiative
While many studies have examined disproportionate minority contact at the front endof the juvenile justice system, few have examined disparities deep within the system—in particular,…
Publication cover Knowledge Brief: How Well Is the Child Welfare System Serving Youths with Behavioral Problems?
Dec 1, 2011, Models for Change Research Initiative
Child welfare systems were designed with a focus on ensuring the safety and stability of abused and neglected children. Today, though, these systems also serve as an alternative to secure confinement…
Publication cover Knowledge Brief: Harnessing the Capacity for Change
Dec 1, 2011, Models for Change Research Initiative
Organizational change requires more than good ideas. Organizations must also have thecapacity and resources necessary to reach the desired goals. In this project, the researchers interviewed and…
Publication cover Washington Defender Association, Beyond Juvenile Court: Long-Term Impact of a Juvenile Record
Nov 9, 2011,,
The information in this booklet is intended for use by public defense attorneys, their juvenile clients, and their clients’ parents in Washington State. It is not comprehensive. It is meant as…
Publication cover Doorways to Delinquency: Multi-System Involvement of Delinquent Youth in King County (Seattle, WA)
Sep 23, 2011, Gregory Halemba and Gene Siegel
This report highlights findings from a study conducted by NCJJ that examines the prevalence of multi-system involvement among youth referred to the King County Juvenile Court on delinquency matters…
Publication cover Truancy Literature Review
Jun 30, 2011, Tonisha Jones
A general overview of the topic of truancy behavior, educational status of ethnic/racial minorities, ethnic/racial minorities barriers to educational attainment achievement and recommendations to…
Publication cover Updated Literature Review on Truancy
Jun 30, 2011, Tonisha Jones, PhD; Nicholas Lovrich, PhD
A literature review on key concepts, history and research relating to truancy, with a particular focus on Washington State.
Publication cover Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument - Version 2 (MAYSI-2) Data Report Clark County, WA (ESD 112) Truancy Project
Jun 28, 2011, NYSAP
Report prepared by the National Youth Screening & Assessment Project summarizing the results of the MAYSI-2 testing of 95 youth entering the Clark County Truancy Program during the 2010-2011…
Publication cover State Trends: Legislative Victories from 2005 to 2010 Removing Youth from the Adult Criminal Justice System
Mar 16, 2011, Neelum Arya, Research & Policy Director at the Campaign for Youth Justice
Neelum Arya, National Research and Policy Director at the Campaign for Youth Justice, recently authored the report, State Trends: Legislative Changes from 2005 to 2010 Removing Youth from the Adult…
Publication cover Juvenile Diversion Guidebook
Mar 1, 2011, Models for Change Juvenile Diversion Workgroup
Programs that divert youth from involvement in the juvenile justice system have become more frequent in response to the growing recognition that such involvement often is not necessary to achieve…
Publication cover West Valley School District (Spokane, WA) Community Truancy Board Evaluation
Jan 31, 2011, Washington State University, Division of Governmental Studies and Services
This report describes the implementation and effectiveness of The West Valley Community Truancy Boards (WVCTB) which are designed to engage truant youth and their families in a restorative-justice…
Publication cover Improving the Effectiveness of Juvenile Justice Programs: A New Perspective on Evidence-Based Practice
Dec 3, 2010, Mark W. Lipsey, James C. Howell, Marion R. Kelly, Gabrielle Chapman, Darin Carver
Interventions for juvenile offenders should alter their behavior in ways that reduce their delinquency and improve their chances to prosper as productive citizens. Juvenile justice systems make use…
Publication cover Models for Change Innovations in Practice
Nov 30, 2010, Patrick Griffin
This report briefly summarizes four promising practice innovations that have emerged from Models for Change funding and technical assistance in four key partner states, Pennsylvania, Illinois,…
Publication cover 2010 Overview of Models for Change: Systems Reform in Juvenile Justice
Nov 16, 2010, Models for Change
Provides an overview of the Models for Change initiative including: Background/Perspective, Framework, Grantmaking Strategy, Advancing the Models, Frequently Asked Questions, National Resource Bank…
Publication cover Washington State Models for Change Newsletter-July 2010
Jul 6, 2010, WA State Models for Change
Hello from Benton/Franklin Counties Models for Change! We hope this issue of our newsletter finds you well. It looks like summer is finally here and with that comes a chance to breathe a bit and…
Publication cover Clark County Truancy Program: Mental Health Screening Protocols - Administering MAYSI 2
Nov 11, 2009, Jodi Martin
Protocol incorporating MAYSI-2 screening into the Clark County Truancy Program intake procedure.
Publication cover Models for Change 2009 Update: Core State Progress
Nov 2, 2009, Patrick Griffin, National Center for Juvenile Justice
Central to the Models for Change strategy is its long-termpartnership with four key states: Pennsylvania, Illinois, Louisiana,and Washington. By supporting comprehensive reformsin these core states,…
Publication cover Tribal Juvenile Justice Key Informant Interview Questionnaire
Nov 1, 2009, Ron Whitener
Information provided by key informants will be used to inform a survey instrument and focus group guide, both to be administered at a Gathering to which a team from each of the 29 Tribes located…
Publication cover Benton/Franklin Counties School Truancy Survey Instrument
Nov 1, 2009, Nick Lovrich
For collecting information on how state truancy laws have been implemented at the school building level. Updated as of March 20, 2013
Publication cover Juvenile Justice Bill Tracking Database
Sep 1, 2009, Sarah Hammond
Juvenile Justice Database Under the National Conference of State Legislature's partnership with the MacArthur Foundation, a Juvenile Justice Bill Tracking Database was developed to bring you…
Publication cover Survey of Spokane County Schools on Truancy Issues – Final Results
Aug 1, 2009, Kevin Wright
To obtain a comprehensive understanding of school building implementation of the state truancy laws.
Publication cover Benton-Franklin Truancy Case Study Coding Instrument
Jun 30, 2009, Nick Lovrich
Coding instrument used when conducting a comprehensive analysis of 30 traunt youth, 10 each from the following categories: cases resolved without court intervention; cases resolved with court…
Publication cover Benton Franklin Counties Juvenile Justice Personnel Truancy Survey Report
Jun 30, 2009, Nick Lovrich
Report on juvenile court staff perceptions of truancy practices and resources in Benton/Franklin Counties. Updated as of March 20, 2013
Publication cover Benton Franklin Counties Existing Truancy Data Analysis and Case Tracking
Jun 30, 2009, Nick Lovrich
To inform Benton/Franklin Counties Models for Change when developing system reforms targeting truant youth, with an emphasis on Hispanic/Latino youth. Document also contains the coding instrument…
Publication cover King County Resource Guide for Information Sharing - 2nd Edition
Jan 1, 2009, Marcus Stubblefield
Resource guideline providing direction on information sharing between staff from the following agencies: probation, detention child welfare, juvenile rehabilitation, law enforcement, schools, mental…
Publication cover Benton Franklin Counties Juvenile Justice Needs Assessment Report
Jan 1, 2009, Eric Trupin
Report on the the responses to a community needs survey of parents and youth conducted in Benton/Franklin Counties.
Publication cover Models for Change 2008 Update: Gathering Force
Dec 9, 2008, Models for Change, National Center for Juvenile Justice
Outlines specific achievements made in each of the four Model States and three Action Networks since December 2007. Over the last year the sense of movement in the field of juvenile justice, of…
Publication cover Advances in Juvenile Justice Reform: 2007-2008
Dec 1, 2008, National Juvenile Justice Network
Provides an extensive sampling of juvenile justice reforms across the country from 2007-2008. The booklet is organized by topic area and includes a state index of reforms.
Publication cover An Analysis of Characteristics of Youth Referred to the Clark County Truancy Project, 2007-2008
Nov 30, 2008, Jennifer Fratello
An analysis completed by Vera Institute of Justice analyzing the characteristics of the youth referred to the Clark County Truancy Program and noting their needs and outcomes.
Publication cover Washington Side by Side Assessment Recommendations
Oct 2, 2008, National Juvenile Defender Center
This document summarizes issues, solutions and recommendations identified in the WA Assessment.
Publication cover An Overview of Washington's Publicly Funded Insurance Programs
Aug 1, 2008, National Academy for State Health Policy, Dan Belnap
Intended to assist professionals who work in systems serving children, such as juvenile justice and child welfare. For more information about Medicaid and its key concepts as they relate to the…
Publication cover Overview of The Models for Change Mental Health/Juvenile Justice Action Network
Apr 8, 2008, Models for Change Mental Health/Juvenile Justice Action Network
Provides information on the startup, organization and strategies of the iniative's Mental Health/Juvenile Justice Action Network including background on the issue of mental health in juvenile justice.
Publication cover Child Welfare & Juvenile Justice Systems Integration Initiative: A Promising Progress Report
Jan 24, 2008, Child Welfare League of America, John A. Tuell
The work and progress in the numerous state and local jurisdictions around the country that have partnered with CWLA has also been highlighted in Child Welfare & Juvenile Justice Systems…
Publication cover Rehabilitation Versus Incarceration of Juvenile Offenders: Public Preferences in Four Models for Change States
Nov 1, 2007, Alex R. Piquero, John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Laurence Steinberg, Temple University
Presents the results of a poll measuring respondents’ willingness to pay for alternative policy proposals for juvenile offenders. Telephone interviews were conducted with a random sample of…
Publication cover Advances in Juvenile Justice Reform: 2006-2007
Nov 1, 2007, National Juvenile Justice Network
Provides an extensive sampling of juvenile justice reforms across the country from 2006-2007. The booklet is organized by topic area and includes a state index of reforms.
Publication cover Potential for Change: Washington Executive Summary
Nov 1, 2007, Center for Children's Law and Policy
Presents Washington-specific results of public opinion poll conducted in 2007 by Center for Children's Law and Policy (with research firm Belden Russonello and Stewart) to survey public attitudes on…
Publication cover Potential for Change: Public Attitudes and Policy Preferences for Juvenile Justice Systems Reform
Nov 1, 2007, Center for Children's Law and Policy
Summary of findings from a public opinion poll that included over-sampling in the four Models for Change states to determine attitudes held by the public there. Americans' attitudes about youth, race…
Publication cover Models for Change: Washington Workplan
Oct 31, 2007, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Outlines reform efforts in the fourth Model state, Washington, which focusing on bringing about change in three areas identified as already ripe for improvement: alternatives to formal processing and…
Publication cover Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) Action Network FAQ
Jun 21, 2007, Center for Children's Law and Policy
Answers frequently asked questions about the DMC Action Network, a Models for Change-supported forum for sharing knowledge and accelerating progress in the reduction of racial and ethnic disparities…
Publication cover Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) Action Network: Invitation to Join
Jun 20, 2007, Center for Children's Law and Policy, Mark Soler, Executive Director, Lisa Garry, DMC Policy Director
Invitation to apply to be one of four additional states or local sites (e.g., counties or cities) across the country provide leadership in reduction of disproportionate minority contact as a member…
Publication cover Washington State Models for Change Initiative: Selected County Highlights
Dec 31, 2006, National Center for Juvenile Justice, Gregg Halemba, Gene Siegel
Provides statistics on intake, demographics, mental health diversion/treatment programs for Benton, Franklin, Clark, King, Pierce and Spokane Counties in Washington.
Publication cover Washington: System Snapshot
Dec 10, 2006, National Center for Juvenile Justice
Provides information on the juvenile justice system in the state of Washington including key agencies, demographics, framework, statistics, etc.
Publication cover Washington Models for Change Initiative Background Summary
Sep 30, 2006, National Center for Juvenile Justice, Gene Siegel, Gregory Halemba, Charles Puzzanchera, Ben Adams
Contains a broad spectrum of historical and more recent information regarding Washington State's juvenile justice system as well as a wide range of statistics to support the strategic planning…
Publication cover Building Momentum for Juvenile Justice Reform
Nov 30, 2005, Justice Policy Institute
Tells the story of how the four Models for Change states—Pennsylvania, Illinois, Louisiana, and Washington—are already moving to reform and reshape their own state juvenile justice…
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