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Publication cover Strategies for Serving Hispanic Youth
May 2, 2012, Maria F. Ramiu and Dana Shoenberg
CCLP Deputy Director Dana Shoenberg co-authored this chapter in the latest edition of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention's Disproportionate Minority Contact Technical…
Publication cover EdLaw Project: Top Ten Education Questions to Ask Your Client at Arraignment
Nov 10, 2011, Rey Cheatham Banks
A Massachusetts checklist for arraignment issues in juvenile court.
Publication cover Protocol for Competence in California Juvenile Justice Proceedings
Nov 10, 2011, Rey Cheatham Banks
This protocol is intended as a tool for the development of such procedures in cases where competence may be an issue. It incorporates Supreme Court and California case law, and existing statutory…
Publication cover Florida Guidelines for Attorneys who Represent Children in Delinquency Proceedings
Nov 9, 2011, Rob Mason
These guidelines address the specific roles and responsibilities of an attorney appointed or retained to defend a child in a delinquency case. They are intended to serve as a guide for an…
Publication cover Washington Defender Association, Beyond Juvenile Court: Long-Term Impact of a Juvenile Record
Nov 9, 2011,,
The information in this booklet is intended for use by public defense attorneys, their juvenile clients, and their clients’ parents in Washington State. It is not comprehensive. It is meant as…
Publication cover Ten Core Principles: For Providing Quality Delinquency Representation Through Public Defense Delivery System
Nov 9, 2011, Rey Cheatham Banks
NJDC's Ten Core Principles for Providing Quality Delinquency Representation through Public Defense Delivery Systems provide criteria by which a public defense delivery system may fully implement the…
Publication cover Youth Advocacy Department, Courtroom Practice Guide to Bail, MGLc.276 s58
Nov 9, 2011, Rey Cheatham Banks
A Massachusetts guide for bail proceedings in juvenile court.
Publication cover Performance Guidelines For Quality and Effective Juvenile Delinquency Representation
May 6, 2011, Rey Cheatham Banks
The Guidelines serve as a training and development tool for new attorneys who receive delinquency representation assignments. They also reaffirm for experienced counsel the considerations necessary…
Publication cover Responder Program Development Manual (Summit County, Ohio)
May 6, 2011, Judge Linda Tucci Teodosi, William P. Kannel
This Responder Program Manual was developed out of the work that Ohio has been undertaking as part of their work in the Mental Health/Juvenile Justice Action Network. It is meant to serve as a guide…
Publication cover Guidelines for State Courts Serving Limited English Proficient (LEP) Youth and Family Members-Long Fact Sheet
Mar 11, 2011, Dana Shoenberg
Good communication and cultural understanding are prerequisites to a fair, efficient, and effective justice system. Navigating the juvenile justice system is often difficult for youth and their…
Publication cover Clark County Truancy Program: Mental Health Screening Protocols - Administering MAYSI 2
Nov 11, 2009, Jodi Martin
Protocol incorporating MAYSI-2 screening into the Clark County Truancy Program intake procedure.
Publication cover 10 Steps for Implementing Mental Health Screening
Oct 9, 2009, Thomas Grisso
The document provides 10 essential considerations for juvenile justice agencies planning mental health screening to support programs and placements.
Publication cover Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument --Version 2 Training Video Instructions
Sep 14, 2009, Shannon M. Maney
This document provides a summary of the MAYSI-2 Training Video and instructions for obtaining the video.
Publication cover Guidelines of Instructing Youth Prior to Administration of a Mental Health Screening Tool
Aug 18, 2009, Valerie Williams, Thomas Grisso
This document was created to assist juvenile justice personnel when introducing youth to a mental health screening tool as part of an intake process.
Publication cover Connecticut School Based Diversion Initiative Manual
May 29, 2009, Vicki Spriggs
This manual summarizes the major activities of the Connecticut School-Based Diversion Initiative (SBDI) and is intended to aid communities in developing their own school-based diversion programs with…
Publication cover Texas Front End Diversion Initiative Program Policy and Procedure Manual
May 29, 2009, Vicki Spriggs
This manual contains each of Texas' FEDI sites' local policies.
Publication cover King County Resource Guide for Information Sharing - 2nd Edition
Jan 1, 2009, Marcus Stubblefield
Resource guideline providing direction on information sharing between staff from the following agencies: probation, detention child welfare, juvenile rehabilitation, law enforcement, schools, mental…
Publication cover Illinois Side by Side Assessment Recommendations
Oct 2, 2008, National Juvenile Detention Center
This document summarizes issues, solutions and recommendation identified in the Illinois assessment.
Publication cover Pennsylvania Side by Side Assessment Recommendations
Oct 2, 2008, National Juvenile Defender Center
The document outlines the recommendations made in the assessment of access to counsel and Quality Representation in Pennsylvania delinquency system.
Publication cover Washington Side by Side Assessment Recommendations
Oct 2, 2008, National Juvenile Defender Center
This document summarizes issues, solutions and recommendations identified in the WA Assessment.
Publication cover Pennsylvania Guidelines for Collecting and Recording the Race and Ethnicity of Juvenile in Conjunction with Juvenile Delinquency Disposition Reporting to the Juvenile court Judges' Commission
Oct 1, 2006, Tiana Davis
This booklet provides instruction and guidance to local juvenile courts and probation departments on accurate racial and ethnic data collections for juveniles, particularly with respect to Hispanic…
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