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Publication cover Policy Brief: Assuring the Future of Developmental Reform in Juvenile Justice
Apr 24, 2017, Thomas Grisso
The mid-1990s saw the beginning of resistance to the punitive reform in juvenile justice that had gripped the nation for about ten years. A new perspective on juvenile justice arose, acknowledging…
Publication cover Developing Service Delivery Systems for Evaluations of Juveniles’ Competence to Stand Trial: A Guide for States and Counties
Apr 24, 2017, Thomas Grisso
In partnership with NCMHJJ and with funding from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the National Youth Screening and Assessment Partners (NYSAP) has released Developing Service…
Publication cover Research to Practice Memo: How City Leaders Can Draw Upon Adolescent Development Research Findings To Provide a Framework for Juvenile Justice Reform
Apr 4, 2016, National League of Cities
The new Research to Practice Memo: How City Leaders Can Draw Upon Adolescent Development Research Findings to Provide a Framework for Juvenile Justice Reform provides a ready resource for city…
Publication cover Evidence-Based Policies, Programs, and Practices in Juvenile Justice: Three States Achieving High Standards Through State Support Centers
Mar 16, 2016, Douglas Thomas
Evidence-Based Policies, Programs and Practices in Juvenile Justice (13 pages) provides case studies of three jurisdictions achieving high standards through state support centers. The jurisdictions…
Publication cover Models for Change 10th Annual Working Conference Conference Highlights
Feb 29, 2016, Models for Change
The 10th and final Models for Change Annual Working Conference was a fitting celebration of the Models for Change initiative and its many successes. Nearly 450 people, representing 46 states,…
Publication cover A Legislated Study of Raising the Age of Juvenile Jurisdiction in Louisiana
Feb 15, 2016, Institute for Public Health and Justice
Louisiana should strongly consider raising the age of juvenile court jurisdiction to include 17-year-old offenders. Findings suggest that this change would benefit public safety, promote youth…

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Publication cover Knowledge Brief: How Can We Know If Juvenile Justice Reforms Are Worth the Cost?
Dec 1, 2011, Models for Change Research Initiative
With governments at every level facing grim budget forecasts, policymakers need to knowas much as possible about what juvenile justice activities yield the greatest social good fora given level of…
Publication cover Improving the Effectiveness of Juvenile Justice Programs: A New Perspective on Evidence-Based Practice
Dec 3, 2010, Mark W. Lipsey, James C. Howell, Marion R. Kelly, Gabrielle Chapman, Darin Carver
Interventions for juvenile offenders should alter their behavior in ways that reduce their delinquency and improve their chances to prosper as productive citizens. Juvenile justice systems make use…
Publication cover Evidence-Based Practice Recommendations for Juvenile Drug Courts
Jul 1, 2009, Holly Hills, Ph.D., Jennie L. Shufelt, M.S., Joseph J. Cocozza, Ph.D.
This guide provides a series of recommendations for juvenile drug courts along three critical areas—screening and assessment (Chapter 2), treatment (Chapter 3), and outcome monitoring (Chapter…
Publication cover Redeploy Illinois Annual Report Impact and Implementation 2008
Apr 14, 2009, Redepoly Illinois Oversight Board (RIOB)
Documents how four Redeploy Illinois pilot programs reduced commitments to Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice by 51 percent, or 400 fewer youth in the first three years, and mobilized…
Publication cover Advances in Juvenile Justice Reform: 2006-2007
Nov 1, 2007, National Juvenile Justice Network
Provides an extensive sampling of juvenile justice reforms across the country from 2006-2007. The booklet is organized by topic area and includes a state index of reforms.
Publication cover Potential for Change: Louisiana Executive Summary
Nov 1, 2007, Center for Children's Law and Policy
Presents Louisiana-specific results of public opinion poll conducted in 2007 by Center for Children's Law and Policy (with research firm Belden Russonello and Stewart) to survey public attitudes on…
Publication cover Improving and Coordinating Access to Mental Health Services for Youth in Pennsylvania's Juvenile Justice System
Apr 10, 2007, Models for Change
Outlines approaches and opportunities for the juvenile justice and mental health systems to better respond to the needs of the large number (over 70%) of youth with mental health needs who come into…
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