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Evidence-based practices

Research and tools related to replicable programs and practices with proven outcomes. 


Publication cover Innovation Brief: The Cultural Enhancement Model for Evidence-Based Practice
Dec 12, 2013, Sarah Walker
Interest in developing and testing cultural adaptations has grown in proportion to the widespread adoption of policies to support the implementation of evidence-based practice (EBPs). One significant…
Publication cover Innovation Brief: University Partnerships as a Strategy for Promoting Data-Driven Decision Making in Juvenile Justice
Dec 12, 2013, Kristina Childs
A critical piece of juvenile justice reform is the use of data to objectively identify areas in need of reform, select the types of reforms that match a jurisdiction’s needs, and to evaluate…
Publication cover Innovation Brief: Model for Effective Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices
Dec 12, 2013, Stephen Phillippi
In current literature, there is a general agreement concerning what works and what does not work in reducing delinquent behavior with juvenile offenders in communities; however, this knowledge has…
Publication cover The Louisiana Experience: Building Evidence Based Practices
Dec 1, 2013, LSU Institute for Public Health and Justice
Publication cover A Toolkit for Applying the Cultural Enhancement Model To Evidence-Based Practice
Nov 22, 2013, Sarah Cusworth Walker
At a national level, minority clients are less likely to access mental and behavioral health services and drop out of treatment more frequently than nonminority counterparts. While this phenomenon is…
Publication cover Measuring Success: A Guide to Becoming an Evidence-Based Practice
Apr 22, 2013, Jennifer Fratello
As part of the MacArthur Foundation Models for Change initiative, the Vera Institute of Justice created this guide, which describes the process that assesses whether a program qualifies as evidence…

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Publication cover Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators Toolkit: Reducing the Use of Isolation
Mar 30, 2015, Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators
A response to behavioral problems in many facilities has been reliance on isolation for acting out youths who are mentally challenged, chronically violent, or gang involved. Instead of being used as…
Publication cover Evidence-Based Practice for Policy Makers
Dec 11, 2014, LSUHSC Institute for Public Health and Justice
Publication cover Statewide Risk Assessment in Juvenile Probation
Dec 11, 2014, Advancing EBP
Blog post
Publication cover Innovation Brief: Indicators of Success: Developing System and Youth Outcome Measures for Juvenile Justice Agencies
Dec 8, 2014, LSUHSC Institute for Public Health and Justice
Knowledge of the effectiveness of the Louisiana Models for Change reform efforts has, in large part, been attributable to the implementation of local data driven programs that monitor and track the…
Publication cover Innovation Brief: Using Evidence-Based Intervention with Youth Who Have Committed Sexual Offenses
Dec 8, 2014, Illinois Models for Change Invitative
Despite a growing body of research challenging traditional assumptions about youth who sexually offend, few jurisdictions have made a systematic effort to use this research to re-engineer the way in…
Publication cover Law Enforcement’s Leadership Role in Juvenile Justice Reform: Actionable Recommendations for Practice & Policy
Jul 31, 2014, International Association of Chiefs of Police
From the National Summit on Law Enforcement Leadership in Juvenile Justice, which the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) convened with support from the John D. and Catherine T.…
Publication cover JJGPS State Scan: Statewide Risk Assessment in Juvenile Probation
May 1, 2014, NCJJ
This publication is part of a new series of publications intended to support NCJJ’s Juvenile Justice Geography, Policy, Practice and Statistics website (JJGPS.ORG) development effort. This…
Publication cover 2013 Washington State Targeted Areas of Improvement & Strategic Opportunity for Technical Assistance Data Inventory
Apr 1, 2014, Andrew Wachter, Gene Siegel, Hunter Hurst
The 2013 Washington Targeted Areas of Improvement Report is the final in a series of data inventory reports that document Washington Models for Change progress and outcomes. This Endpoints Edition…
Publication cover The Fourth Wave: Juvenile Justice Reforms for the Twenty-First Century
Dec 15, 2013, National Campaign to Reform State Juvenile Justice Systems
The Fourth Wave: Juvenile Justice Reforms for the 21st Century takes a comprehensive look at the evolution of juvenile justice reform efforts over the past century and highlights the current wave of…
Publication cover Innovation Brief: Local Detention Reform Leading to State Adoption of Best Practice Detention Standards
Dec 12, 2013, Dana Kaplan, Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana & Stephen Phillippi, PhD, Louisiana State University School of Public Health: Institute for Public Health & Justice
Statewide standards for juvenile detention facilities were produced through a collaborative effort utilizing and accelerating local reforms from Models for Change sites in Louisiana. These standards…
Publication cover Dual Status Youth – Technical Assistance Workbook
Dec 1, 2013, John A. Tuell, Jessica K. Heldman, and Janet K. Wiig
“Dual status youth” refers to juveniles who come into contact with both the child welfare and juvenile justice systems and occupy various statuses in terms of their relationship to the…
Publication cover Institute for Public Health and Justice Training and Technical Assistance Options
Dec 1, 2013, LSU Institute for Public Health and Justice
Publication cover Louisiana Juvenile Justice Reform Efforts in Last Five Years
Dec 1, 2013, LSU Institute for Public Health and Justice
Publication cover Services in Louisiana's Juvenile Justice System
Dec 1, 2013, LSU Institute for Public Health and Justice
Publication cover Policy to Practice: Statewide Reform Efforts Rooted in Local Initiatives (slides)
Dec 1, 2013, Calcasieu Parish Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice; LSU Institute for Public Health and Justice
Publication cover Practice to Policy: Statewide Reform Efforts rooted in Local Initiatives (slides)
Dec 1, 2013, LSU Institute for Public Health and Justice
Publication cover Sustaining Juvenile Justice System Reform: A Report to the Louisiana Juvenile Justice Implementation Commission - Executive Summary
Dec 1, 2013, LSU Institute for Public Health and Justice
Publication cover Sustaining Juvenile Justice System Reform: A Report to the Louisiana Juvenile Justice Implementation Commission - Full Report
Dec 1, 2013, LSU Institute for Public Health and Justice
Publication cover Probation Review Implementation: How Best Practices Meet Everyday Practices
Nov 15, 2013, Dr. John S. Ryals, Jr.
Through support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana undertook a comprehensive Probation Review…
Publication cover Arrested Development: Confinement Can Negatively Affect Youth Maturation
Oct 29, 2013, National Juvenile Justice Network (NJJN)
Common sense tells us that teenagers are different from adults, and a large, growing body of psychological and neurological research confirms that young people's brains mature far less rapidly than…
Publication cover Evidence of Better Practice in Louisiana’s Juvenile Justice System
Dec 1, 2012, LSU Institute for Public Health and Justice
Publication cover Risk Assessment in Juvenile Justice: A Guidebook for Implementation
Nov 6, 2012, Gina M. Vincent, Ph.D.
The primary purpose of this guide is to provide a structure for jurisdictions, juvenile probation or centralized statewide agencies striving to implement risk assessment or to improve their current…
Publication cover Emerging Findings and Policy Implications from the Pathways to Desistance Study
Sep 11, 2012, National Juvenile Justice Network (NJJN)
The Pathways to Desistance study is a large, multi-site, collaborative project that followed over 1,300 youth ages 14-18 for seven years after their convictions for serious offenses. This fact sheet…
Publication cover Probation Review Guidebook
Dec 9, 2011, Janet K. Wiig and John A. Tuell, Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps
The genesis for this guidebook was the probation review work undertaken in Jefferson Parish, LA as part of the work in the four core states associated with Models for Change: System Reform in…
Publication cover Knowledge Brief: How Can We Know If Juvenile Justice Reforms Are Worth the Cost?
Dec 1, 2011, Models for Change Research Initiative
With governments at every level facing grim budget forecasts, policymakers need to knowas much as possible about what juvenile justice activities yield the greatest social good fora given level of…
Publication cover Improving the Effectiveness of Juvenile Justice Programs: A New Perspective on Evidence-Based Practice
Dec 3, 2010, Mark W. Lipsey, James C. Howell, Marion R. Kelly, Gabrielle Chapman, Darin Carver
Interventions for juvenile offenders should alter their behavior in ways that reduce their delinquency and improve their chances to prosper as productive citizens. Juvenile justice systems make use…
Publication cover Turning Knowledge into Practice: A Manual for Human Service Administrators and Practitioners about Understanding and Implementing Evidence-Based Practices, 2nd edition (revised)
Nov 19, 2010, John A. Morris, Stephen Day, and Sonja K. Schoenwald
The mission of the authors and sponsors of this manual is to enhance independence, self sufficiency, and community living for people with disabilities through the implementation and approaches of…
Publication cover Healing Invisible Wounds: Why Investing in Trauma-Informed Care for Children Makes Sense
Jul 7, 2010, Justice Policy Institute
Any number of factors can contribute to a person becoming involved in the criminal justice system, including a history of trauma or victimization. Over 93,000 children are currently locked up in…
Publication cover Sustaining Change: A Models for Change Guidebook
Jun 1, 2010, Janet K. Wiig, Joseph J. Cocozza, John A. Morris, Jennie L. Shufelt, and Kathleen R. Skowyra
Long-term program sustainability is perhaps one of the most challenging issues facing new and innovative juvenile justice programs today. All too often, programs receive start-up funding from…
Publication cover Truancy and Hispanic Focused Evidence-Based Programs
Nov 1, 2009, Eric Trupin, Sarah Walker:
A list of trauncy and Hispanic-focused EBPs, categorized by: OJJDP Rating, Model, type of evaluation, location, demographics, truancy findings, other findings, training requirements/costs and…
Publication cover Review of Evidence-Based and Promising Risk/Needs Assessment Tools for Juvenile Justice
Aug 18, 2009, Gina M. Vincent
This document assembles four reviews of risk/needs assessment tools for use in juvenile justice or designed for young offenders in general.
Publication cover Evidence-Based Practice Recommendations for Juvenile Drug Courts
Jul 1, 2009, Holly Hills, Ph.D., Jennie L. Shufelt, M.S., Joseph J. Cocozza, Ph.D.
This guide provides a series of recommendations for juvenile drug courts along three critical areas—screening and assessment (Chapter 2), treatment (Chapter 3), and outcome monitoring (Chapter…
Publication cover Collecting and Analyzing Data on Racial and Ethnic Disparities: The Peoria Pilot Project
Apr 1, 2009, James Bell, Laura John Ridolfi, Lori Brown
The W. Haywood Burns Institute (BI) and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation collaborated to develop and pilot a data template that enables local jurisdictions to strategically gather…
Publication cover 16th Judicial District Court - Juvenile Justice System Provider Survey (Self Report Survey 2007)
Jan 1, 2007, Stephen Phillippi, Ph.D, Joseph J. Cocozza, Ph.D, Jennie L. Shufelt, MS
To find alternatives to formal processing and incarceration, to have more Evidence-based community services available for youths in LA and their families, and to use data analyses and other research…
Publication cover Keystones for Reform: Promising Juvenile Justice Policies and Practices in Pennsylvania
Oct 12, 2005, Youth Law Center, Neelum Aryna, Eric Lotke, Liz Ryan, Marc Schindler, Dana Shoenberg, Mark Soler
The first state report for the Models for Change initiative, this report describes promising juvenile justice policies and practices in Pennsylvania that provide a solid base for further reform…
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