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Reports, research summaries, issue briefs, working documents and other materials related to system change efforts, and produced by Models for Change grantees and partners. 

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Publication cover The Supreme Court and the Transformation of Juvenile Sentencing

Sep 30, 2015, Elizabeth Scott

In the past decade, the Supreme Court has transformed the constitutional landscape of juvenile crime regulation. In three strongly worded opinions, the Court held that imposing harsh criminal…
Publication cover Juvenile Justice in a Developmental Framework: A 2015 Status Report

Dec 11, 2015, Models for Change

Advances in the understanding of adolescent development have provided a foundation for progress in juvenile justice reform, including changes in state legislation. In accord with the Supreme…
Publication cover Lessons from Five Years of Accelerating Change

Dec 14, 2015, National Campaign to Reform State Juvenile Justice Systems

After two decades of funding cutting-edge research on adolescent behavioral and brain development and pioneering new juvenile justice practice models, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur…
Publication cover Champions for Change Awards Program 2015

Dec 8, 2015, Models for Change

Champions for Change are individuals working with Models for Change who have positively affected the lives of justice-involved youth, their families, and communities. Champions have helped pave the…
Publication cover Trends in Juvenile Justice State Legislation 2011-2015

Oct 12, 2015, Sarah Alice Brown

In the past five years, juvenile justice reform legislation in the United States has grown at a remarkable pace. The recent shift in juvenile justice policy marks a clear departure from laws enacted…
Publication cover Reducing Recidivism and Improving Other Outcomes for Young Adults in the Juvenile and Adult Criminal Justice Systems

Nov 9, 2015, Council of State Governments Justice Center

Researchers focused on brain development have found that 18- to 24-year-olds—also referred to as young adults — stand out as a distinct developmental group with heightened impulsive…

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