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Standing Up to Sexual Misconduct: An Advocacy Toolkit to End the Sexual Abuse of Children in Juvenile Facilities

Published Dec 11, 2015, Center for Children's Law and Policy

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This toolkit is designed to equip advocates with the knowledge, tools, and resources to promote practices that will help end the sexual abuse and harassment of children in juvenile justice facilities.

This toolkit uses the Prison Rape Elimination Act’s (PREA) passage and the issuance of the PREA standards to identify new advocacy opportunities to address the problem of sexual misconduct and to improve conditions of confinement for youth in custody. This is not a comprehensive guide to all of the intricacies of PREA implementation. Instead, it focuses on concrete steps that advocates can take to achieve significant reforms in key areas. 

The toolkit provides a blueprint for how advocates can achieve these policy and practice improvements. After providing a brief explanation of why the area is important to creating environments free of sexual misconduct, the toolkit outlines what the PREA standards require, tools and resources from the field to assist with implementation, and a checklist of next steps that advocates can take to push for reform.

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Uploaded Dec 11, 2015

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