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Innovation Brief: Beyond Anecdote: New Resources in Washington State for Data-Informed Policy Reform

Published Dec 12, 2013, WSCCR and NCJJ

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A growing demand exists in juvenile justice for quality information to support a range of policy planning, program research and evaluation efforts. Challenged with system reform, the states require examples for how the data used to support day-to-day interactions with youth and families can be managed to support state wide policy and planning for juvenile justice. As part of Models for Change in Washington, a range of data tools to support this vision have been produced by the Washington State Center for Court Research (WSCCR) with assistance from the National Center for Juvenile Justice (NCJJ), including tools to support program evaluation, performance management and ongoing modification of juvenile justice operations in an action research cycle. This Brief summarizes highlights from the effort, describes the results and lessons learned, and presents examples of juvenile justice research and planning innovations on the horizon in Washington that can serve as inspiration and models for other states.

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