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A Pilot Phase Analysis of King County, Washington’s PathNet Program Years 1 and 2 combined

Published Mar 31, 2013, The Vera Institute of Justice

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PathNet was created to address the high rates of dropout youth in King County with involvement in the juvenile justice system. PathNet uses a path of networked organizations within the community to re-engage youth that have dropped out or prevent them from doing so.   The Vera Institute of Justice was tapped to monitor and provide feedback during PathNet’s pilot phase (June 2010-May 2012).This report combines the first year descriptive analysis of the youth entering PathNet completed by Vera in 2011 with a year 2 analysis which replicated the previous study while expanding the list of measures. This analysis includes descriptive statistics on the entire sample of PathNet youth and preliminary educational and vocational outcomes.

Reform areas: Community-based alternatives

States: Washington

Categories: Status offense/truancy

Tags: King, Report, truancy, Washington

Uploaded Jun 26, 2013

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