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Evaluation of Responses to Truancy in Clark County, Washington: Background Factors and Outcomes

Published Jan 31, 2013, Clayton Mosher, Department of Sociology, Washington State University Vancouver With Jodi Martin, Clark County Juvenile Court, and Karyl Ramsey

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Clark County’s multi-layered approach to addressing truancy is highlighted in this report.  The Clark County Truancy Project, a collaborative effort between the school districts, juvenile court, and child welfare agencies, relies on Truancy Specialists who implement a case management model informed by the MAYSI-2 screening.  This report illuminates that myriad of background factors associated with truancy, providing multivariate analyses based on MAYSI-2 results, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), attitudes, behaviors, and youth outcomes.  Educational and juvenile justice related outcomes are presented for youth participating in the Clark County Truancy Project.

Reform areas: Community-based alternatives

States: Washington

Categories: Status offense/truancy

Tags: Clark, Report, truancy

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