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Juvenile Justice Guide Book for Legislators

Published Dec 5, 2011, National Conference of State Legislators

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Under a partnership with the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, NCSL has published a juvenile justice guidebook addressing the most important juvenile justice policy issues of the day.  This juvenile justice primer highlights significant research, program approaches and gives examples of state legislation.

Preventing and addressing juvenile crime and delinquency remain perennial issues in state legislatures today. Juvenile justice policies require balancing the interests of rehabilitation, accountability and public safety, while also preserving the rights of juveniles. State lawmakers now more than ever are challenged with making informed choices on ways to cut costs and reduce crime and still meet the needs of youth who commit delinquent acts.

The introduction to the guidebook can be downloaded via the link above. Below are PDFs containing different sections from the guidebook. Check back soon to download the full guidebook.

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