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Models for Change 2009 Update: Core State Progress

Published Nov 2, 2009, Patrick Griffin, National Center for Juvenile Justice

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Central to the Models for Change strategy is its long-termpartnership with four key states: Pennsylvania, Illinois, Louisiana,and Washington. By supporting comprehensive reformsin these core states, chosen for their prominence, diversityand readiness for change, Models for Change seeks to createa variety of models of system reform that other jurisdictionscan learn from and emulate. In each of these states, a leadgrantee organization has been given primary responsibility foridentifying key policy and practice improvement areas that willserve as leverage points for broader system reform, creatinga long-term work plan to target those leverage points, andcoordinating and monitoring its implementation. A range of instategrantees, including state and local government agenciesand county or parish demonstration sites, are funded to carryout the work of bringing about change in the targeted areas. A“National Resource Bank” of prominent juvenile justice organizationsprovides the expert consulting and technical assistanceservices that state and local partners need to succeed.

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