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Sustaining Change: A Models for Change Guidebook

Published Jun 1, 2010, Janet K. Wiig, Joseph J. Cocozza, John A. Morris, Jennie L. Shufelt, and Kathleen R. Skowyra

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Long-term program sustainability is perhaps one of the most challenging issues facing new and innovative juvenile justice programs today. All too often, programs receive start-up funding from time-limited federal, state, or foundation funding sources. When these grants end or seed money runs out, programs must find long-term funding sources, often from local or state governments that are faced with competing and multiple priorities and limited fiscal resources. These sustainability challenges are particularly poignant at times of economic uncertainty and budget shortfalls.

The guidebook, which contains a workbook for your sustainability planning processes, can be downloaded in its entirety. To aid in your planning processes, a Word edition of the workbook is also available for your use, allowing you to record your discussions and completion of the exercises directly on the workbook pages. 

Click Here to download an editable, Word version of the workbook section of the guidebook.

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