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Turning Knowledge into Practice: A Manual for Human Service Administrators and Practitioners about Understanding and Implementing Evidence-Based Practices, 2nd edition (revised)

Published Nov 19, 2010, John A. Morris, Stephen Day, and Sonja K. Schoenwald

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The mission of the authors and sponsors of this manual is to enhance independence, self sufficiency, and community living for people with disabilities through the implementation and approaches of best practice series and segments. This manual was originally intended to support mental health programs for individuals diagnosed with mental and substance use conditions. However, the issues of implementation of evidence-based practices cut across broader segments of human services, and so this 2nd Edition (Revised) is broader in reach. The authors share a belief in the promise of evidence based practices, but we also know the limitations and realities of translating scientific research findings into the real world of service delivery, therefore this manual has been developed in large measure to provide a practical approach to moving the field forward. It is written with specific audiences in mind: clinicians and other practitioners or workers, administrators in human service provider organizations and their chief partners – primary consumers/persons in recovery, other service recipients, and their family members.

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