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Publication cover Juvenile Justice in a Developmental Framework: A 2015 Status Report
Dec 11, 2015, Models for Change
Advances in the understanding of adolescent development have provided a foundation for progress in juvenile justice reform, including changes in state legislation. In accord with the Supreme…
Publication cover Because Kids are Different: Five Opportunities for Reforming the Juvenile Justice System
Dec 9, 2014, Models for Change Resource Center Partnership
As broader acceptance of recent findings in the field of adolescent development has opened the way for change, juvenile justice policymakers, stakeholders, practitioners, and advocates across the…
Publication cover A Call to Action
Dec 1, 2013, Models for Change
At the close of 2013, Models for Change is turning to a wider effort to use what has been learned and achieved to expand and spread juvenile justice reform to new jurisdictions and audiences. This…
Publication cover Models for Change Update 2012: Headlines
Nov 30, 2012, Hunter Hurst, National Center for Juvenile Justice
Models for Change has been an effort to provide what it takes to support and grow comprehensive, organic change in multiple jurisdictions with varying histories, resources, strengths and…
Publication cover Adding Up Models for Change: Initial Findings from the Models for Change Database
Dec 9, 2011, Patrick Griffin, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Models for Change was deliberately designed to be wide-ranging—to support state and local reformers in a variety of settings, working in variety of issue areas, and taking a variety of…
Publication cover Models for Change Innovations in Practice
Nov 30, 2010, Patrick Griffin
This report briefly summarizes four promising practice innovations that have emerged from Models for Change funding and technical assistance in four key partner states, Pennsylvania, Illinois,…
Publication cover Models for Change 2009 Update: Core State Progress
Nov 2, 2009, Patrick Griffin, National Center for Juvenile Justice
Central to the Models for Change strategy is its long-termpartnership with four key states: Pennsylvania, Illinois, Louisiana,and Washington. By supporting comprehensive reformsin these core states,…
Publication cover Models for Change 2008 Update: Gathering Force
Dec 9, 2008, Models for Change, National Center for Juvenile Justice
Outlines specific achievements made in each of the four Model States and three Action Networks since December 2007. Over the last year the sense of movement in the field of juvenile justice, of…
Publication cover Building Momentum for Juvenile Justice Reform
Jan 5, 2006, Justice Policy Institute
Tells the story of how the four Models for Change states—Pennsylvania, Illinois, Louisiana, and Washington—are already moving to reform and reshape their own state juvenile justice…
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Models for Change was a juvenile justice systems reform initiative supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, website operated by Justice Policy Institute.