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Clark County Truancy Manual

Published Mar 1, 2013, Jodi Martin

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The Clark County Truancy Manual is intended to provide a single source of information for individuals involved in the truancy court process, including school officials, Juvenile Court staff, Clark County Truancy Project staff, attorneys, and attorneys. 

 The Manual is divided into four parts.  Part oneprovides school district representatives a step-by-step process for the district’s involvement in each level of the Clark County truancy process. Part two provides a description of the Clark County Truancy Workshop. Part three details the Clark County Truancy Project operated by Educational Service District 112. Part four focuses on what happens if pre-court interventions are unsuccessful and, as a last resort, the child is referred to court. 

Reform areas: Status offense/truancy

States: Washington

Categories: Status offense/truancy

Tags: promising practices, truancy

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