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Pre-Adjudication Coordination and Transition (PACT) Center Outcome and Process Evaluation

Published Jul 1, 2010, Samantha Mellerson

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The Baltimore Pre-Adjudicated Coordination and Training (PACT) Center emerged from the recommendations of the city's DMC Advisory Board, which highlighted the need for additional community-based alternatives to secure detention. The program focuses on those youth who would otherwise be detained because of a lack of success in less intensive alternatives to detention. Located in West Baltimore, the program provides support services to youth to ensure that they attend scheduled court hearings, avoid re-arrest, and appear in court with a comprehensive needs assessment and individualized plan that is designed to identify community resources that will help the youth avoid future delinquency. The PACT Center has successfully diverted over 300 African-American males from secure detention in the past two years.  This independent evaluation of the PACT Center, conducted by the University of Maryland, reviews the Center's outcomes.

Reform areas: Racial-ethnic fairness/DMC

States: Maryland

Categories: Racial-ethnic fairness/DMC

Tags: Baltimore, CCLP, Detention Alternatives, Evaluation, Report

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