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Pennsylvania's Juvenile Justice System Enhancement Strategy

Published Apr 2, 2012, Juvenile Court Judges Commission, Pa Commission on Crime and Delinquency, Pa Council of Chief Juvenile Probation Officers

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The goals of Pennsylvania’s Juvenile Justice System Enhancement
Strategy (JJSES) align with those of Balanced and Restorative Justice. JJSES seeks to reduce
harm by applying the best-known research to the principles and goals of BARJ. Using actuarial assessment tools, cognitive behavioral interventions, and performance measures to make
incremental improvements, and addressing not just the youthful offender but the entire family, are just a few ways that JJSES supports a BARJ mission of reduced harm.

The purpose of this Monograph is to provide Pennsylvania's juvenile justice system stakeholders with practical information on how daily practices can be improved to achieve better juvenile justice outcomes. The Monograph divides and groups the implementation activities of JJSES into four stages. Support resources for each stage are identified.


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