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National Association of Counties

Added Jul 2, 2014

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Juvenile justice reform is an important issue for counties across the country. The United States has the highest juvenile detention rate of the world's developed nations, despite the fact that research shows that youth incarceration does not reduce recidivism but does decrease kids' future success in education and employment--starting the often prevalent cycle in and out of jail even earlier.

The MacArthur Foundation's Models for Change is a juvenile justice reform initiative that focuses on improving the juvenile justice system by addressing issues including mental health, racial and ethnic disparity, community-based alternatives and juvenile indigent defense. Counties can reduce costs associated with juvenile incarceration, improve human outcomes and also bolster public safety by identifying juveniles that can be better served with treatment than jail time, and by providing young people involved in the juvenile justice system with skills, training and support that will enable them to pursue educational and employment opportunities.

NACO is a Models for Change strategic ally.

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Models for Change was a juvenile justice systems reform initiative supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, website operated by Justice Policy Institute.