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Right-sizing jurisdiction

Funneling Children into the Adult Criminal Justice System
1/13/2014, Atlanta Daily World
By Marian Wright Edelman
Children are not little adults. Adolescents are not the same as adults. We’ve known this for years. The research showing that their brains are still developing is clear. Although young people…
Reforming juvenile justice
12/22/2013, The Frederick News-Post
By Staff
It’s hard to imagine what life inside an adult jail must be like for a teenager. Bleak, dark, terrifying are some of the things that come to mind. Even for adults, jail can be a dehumanizing…
Juvenile Justice Sees Progress
12/27/2012, The Advocate
By Justice Catherine Kimball
Juvenile justice sees progress Some good news about Louisiana’s success on the juvenile justice reform front was announced last week in the results of a nationwide study. While the news did…
Redeploy Illinois Savings Pass $40 Million As State Officials Advocate Expansion
By Illinois Models for Change
SPRINGFIELD, IL – After seven successive years of experience reducing the number of youth committed to state incarceration, some state officials are convinced resources to support the Redeploy…
For the Newly-Elected Judge, a Different View of Juvenile Court
11/7/2012, Youth Today
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
Dozens of lawyers won their first elections as judges this month, and they will soon experience the sensation of viewing the courtroom from the other side of the bench and hearing the words…
International Juvenile Justice Conference Told of Shift Away from Incarceration of Youth in USA
By Illinois Models for Change
Elizabeth Clarke, the leader of a juvenile justice reform coalition in Illinois, told an international audience Tuesday of a trend away from mass incarceration of youth in the United States. In…
After the Violence, the Rest of Their Lives
11/4/2012, New York Times
By Erica Goode
CHICAGO — Xavier McElrath-Bey drives past the dilapidated houses, liquor stores and vacant lots in his old neighborhood and sees the landmarks of his youth.
Lawsuit Seeks Changes in Youth Parole Revocation Hearings in Illinois
By Illinois Models for Change
CHICAGO – Comparing parole revocations hearings in for youth in Illinois to “kangaroo courts,” a class action lawsuit filed recently in federal court has charged that the hearings…
Don’t play politics: Close underused youth prisons
10/28/2012, Chicago Sun-Times
By Stephanie Kollmann
Voters are rightly disinclined to blame state workers for Illinois’ fiscal woes. Still, it’s hard to imagine the economic moment when taxpayers would be sympathetic to a union that…
MacArthur Foundation's Models for Change Initiative Announces its Knowledge Brief Series
By Models for Change
The Knowledge Brief Series describes new knowledge emerging from the Models for Change initiative, a multi-state juvenile justice initiative. Models for Change is accelerating movement toward a more…
Thousands to Participate in National Youth Justice Awareness Month Activities throughout the Country
By Campaign for Youth Justice
Thousands to Participate in National Youth Justice Awareness Month Activities throughout the Country Twenty-eight Events in 20 States are designed to Raise Awareness around the Issue of Youth…
Campaign for Youth Justice Recognizes National Youth Justice Awareness Month
By Campaign for Youth Justice
During the month of October, thousands of people are participating in National Youth Justice Awareness Month (Y-JAM) activities throughout the country. The Campaign for Youth Justice (CFYJ) and…
Agreement Could Lead to Additional Improvements for Incarcerated Youth in Illinois
By Illinois Models for Change
CHICAGO – An agreement between the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (IDJJ) and the ACLU of Illinois may avert a potential expensive and lengthy court battle and lead to improvements in…
llinois should close two juvenile prisons to save money
9/3/2012, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
By George W. Timberlake, Chair, Illinois Juvenle Justice Commission
With Gov. Pat Quinn and Illinois AFSCME locked in a protracted lawsuit over the governor's intention to close state prisons, the public debate often focuses on overcrowding in the state's adult…
Illinois Supreme Court: Even juveniles deserve strong legal defense
8/31/2012, Associated Press
By Christopher Will
SPRINGFIELD, IL -- Lawyers are supposed to win cases for their clients. Lawyers in the juvenile justice system want what's best for troubled children. And when the two impulses are in conflict, the…
Experts Say New Federal Rule Brings Hope for LGBTQ Youth in Custody
8/29/2012, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Christie Thompson
Given the high rate of torment suffered by LGBT youth in custody, activists applauded last week’s finalizing of a landmark law that took nine years to get from adoption to implementation.
Editorial: Justice for juveniles
8/22/2012, Chicago Sun-Times
Cook County’s juvenile justice center has made big strides in recent years. It’s cleaner and safer, its staff is more responsive and its school is more effective. But improvements…
Policy Experts Address the Challenges Facing LGBT Youth in Lockup
8/22/2012, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By James Swift
“Why are we focused on LGBTQI youth all of a sudden?” said Mykel Selph, director of the Office of Girls & Gender at the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center (JTDC) in…
Juvenile detention center population keeps falling; But reform work not finished, officials say
8/20/2012, Chicago Tribune
By Hal Dardick
CHICAGO -- Cook County has been able to reduce the number of teens locked up in its juvenile detention center, but there's still much to be done before the mission to reform the long-troubled…
Gateway to Adult Court for Young Defendants Slowly Closing
8/13/2012, Juvenile Justice Exchange network
By Maggie Lee
In a Georgia courtroom last month, 11-year-old Dalton Archer plead guilty to murdering his father’s girlfriend near Christmastime last year, when he was 10. Archer automatically went through…
Illinois Summit Examines Ways to Help Youth Leaving Prison Succeed and End the Cycle of Prison Recidivism
By Illinois Models for Change
CHICAGO -- Nearly 100 youth service providers and justice reform advocates participated in a daylong summit discussing how to help move Illinois from a youth parole system that is punitive in nature…
Illinois Demonstration Project to Help Juvenile Offenders Make Successful Transition Back to Their Home Communities
7/24/2012, Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission
SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission on Tuesday announced the start of a demonstration project to reduce the recidivism and improve the outcomes of juvenile offenders. The…
Federal money to help Illinois to change troubling youth prison statistic
7/24/2012, WBEZ (Chicago Public Radio)
By Rob Wildeboer
Illinois Governor Pat Quinn's Juvenile Justice Commission says 50 to 60 percent of the kids released from youth prisons end up going back within three years. It’s a troubling statistic, but the…
JJI Urges Congress to Ban Solitary Confinement of Juveniles
6/19/2012, Juvenile Justice Initiative
By Illinois Models for Change
JJI Urges Congress to Ban Solitary Confinement of Juveniles CHICAGO – The Juvenile Justice Initiative (JJI) of Illinois on Tuesday urged Congress to ban solitary confinement of…
6/10/2012, Chicago Sun-Times
By Julie Biehl
Q. What happens when a state responds to non-violent juvenile delinquents with a justice system that holds them accountable for their actions and delivers family counseling, addiction treatment and…
Closing 2 Adult, Juvenile Prisons is the Right Move
5/7/2012, Chicago Sun-Times
By Paula Wolff
Despite a drop in crime and the need to close a multibillion-dollar budget hole, politics again threaten to derail plans to cut spending on prisons. Bowing to pressure by those opposed to closing…
Don't put juveniles in jail for life
By Laurence Steinberg
Laurence Steinberg is a professor of psychology at Temple University and former director of the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Adolescent Development and Juvenile Justice. He is the author…
Teens change, given a chance
3/19/2012, Philadelphia Inquirer
By Edwin Desamour
I pick up a call on the hotline. It's one of several services the organization I cofounded provides for at-risk youths in my Philadelphia neighborhood. The kid on the other end of the of the line…
Supreme Court sizes up teens who murder
3/16/2012, Christian Science Monitor
By Editorial
Two cases involving life sentences for 14-year-olds who murdered will test the Supreme Court's past rulings that teens are not small adults and must be given a chance for redemption. By the…
Career Development Program Influences Positive Change in Adjudicated Youth
By Louisiana Models for Change
Northshore Technical Community College in Greensburg, La., started a career development program in the fall of 2011 for adjudicated youth, youth found by a judge to have committed a violation of…
New Report Examines School-to-Prison Pipeline in Chicago and Recommends Alternatives
By Illinois Models for Change
CHICAGO – Because public schools in Chicago too often rely on police arrests to resolve discipline problems, the schools have become the gateway for thousands of youth to enter the juvenile and…
Profile for Change: Dr. Mick Moore
By Washington Models for Change
Dr. Mick Moore is a powerful voice for reform. He bridges the education and juvenile justice systems, leading interagency changes from the education side. As Assistant to the Superintendent for…
Landmark Study Offers Glimpse at Previously Ignored Youth Population
By Washington State Models for Change
Landmark Study Offers Glimpse at Previously Ignored Youth Population Youth with Both Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice History Studied A study out of King County is the first of its kind in…
Editorial: Non-Violent Juveniles Should not be Locked Up
1/3/2012, Chicago Sun-Times
Illinois has long been a pioneer in juvenile justice, creating the nation’s first juvenile court as long ago as 1899. But in recent years, Illinois hasn’t looked so much like a pioneer…
Change Makers 2012: James Bell, W. Haywood Burns Institute
1/1/2012, San Francisco Chronicle
By Jessica Lum
Founder and executive director of the W. Haywood Burns Institute, James Bell is dedicated to examining and addressing the ethnic disparity in institutions such as the juvenile justice system. Bell…
New Illinois Law Will Require Judges To Consider Sentencing Juvenile Offenders To Treatment In Their Communities
12/20/2011, Juvenile Justice Initiative
CHICAGO – Beginning January 1, Illinois judges considering committing juvenile offenders to incarceration in a state juvenile prison must first ensure that commitment to the Department of…
Editorial: Time for an Intelligent Approach to Juvenile Justice
12/14/2011, The Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
Imagine this line from a state report on young offenders and let it sink in for a moment:“The Illinois auditor general estimates that incarceration in (an Illinois Department of Juvenile…
'ILLINOIS IS FAILING' Shocking Problems Found In Youth Prison System
12/14/2011, Huffington Post Chicago
By Lizzie Schiffman
"One Commissioner observed a hearing in which there was 'no time for introduction or discussion. [The Prisoner Review Board hearing officer] was reading the wrong form and initially was going to deny…
2011 Champions for Change
By Models for Change
Champions for Change are individuals working with Models for Change in their states who have positively affected the lives of justice-involved youth, their families, and communities in ways that…
Toni Irving, Governor’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Honored as Champion for Change in Juvenile Justice Reform
By Illinois Models for Change
Irving’s “Dogged Determination” Recognized at National Meeting of MacArthur-Supported Juvenile Justice Reform Initiative CHICAGO – Toni Irving, deputy chief of staff to…
Watchdog Reports Some Progress in Reform of Illinois Juvenile Prison System and Identifies Additional Steps Needed
By Illinois Models for Change
In a year-end assessment of Illinois’ juvenile prison system, the state’s top independent prison watchdog reported the state has made some progress in making reforms inside the prisons…
Champion for Change Appointed to Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice
By Illinois Models for Change
WASHINGTON, DC -- John B. “Ben” Roe, an Illinois prosecutor and juvenile justice reform advocate, has been appointed to the Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice (FACJJ), which…
Editorial: Teen Alternatives to Jail Good for All
10/28/2011, Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
It's not every day that a state legislature working to trim the budget could be making life much better for those on whom we traditionally have spent a lot of money. But that seems to be the case…
Editorial: Illinois Should Close at Least One Juvenile Prison
10/25/2011, The Pantagraph (Bloomington, IL)
Unlike their adult counterparts, Illinois’ juvenile prisons — with one exception — are at or below capacity. The state has been successful in diverting young offenders to other…
Editorial: Prison isn’t Best Option for Nonviolent Youths
10/14/2011, Chicago Sun-Times
A debate over closing the Illinois Youth Center in Downstate Murphysboro has focused on jobs and money and pitted Gov. Pat Quinn against legislators and organized labor. But here’s something…
Looking for Savings, (Illinois Gov. Pat) Quinn Has a Good Idea
10/2/2011, New York Times
By James Warren
Locking up juvenile offenders isn’t working. What is working, both here and nationally, are community-based rehabilitation alternatives to punishment and isolation, notably with nonviolent…
Zero-Tolerance School-Discipline Policies are a Problem
9/25/2011, Seattle Times
By Jerry Large
People have a bad habit of overreacting to one problem and creating another in the process. Zero-tolerance school-discipline policies fall into that category. That's become increasingly clear in…
Editorial: State’s Lack of Efficiency is Costly
9/18/2011, Decatur Herald & Review
It makes sense to close at least one juvenile prison in Illinois, as Gov. Pat Quinn has recommended. That's unusual to hear, since there has been a lot of noise about how closing the seven…
Some Advocates Say State Doesn't Need All of its Juvenile Facilities
9/14/2011, Illinois Issues blog
By Jamey Dunn
Juvenile justice advocates say that if Gov. Pat Quinn plans to close state facilities, he should consider shuttering some of the state’s juvenile prisons, which they say are far below…
Sex Offender Legislation is Often More About Politics than Justice
9/1/2011, Illinois Issues
By Jamey Dunn
Unless you spend time in the state Capitol, you would likely never imagine that lawmakers spend a good portion of their time debating a single issue: sex offenders. A cursory search of the General…
Editorial: Prison Not Only Choice for Justice
8/17/2011, The Alton Telegraph and The Jacksonville Courier-News (Illinois)
The tough-love approach to juvenile justice undertaken in the 1980s and ‘90s was designed to send a message to frighten would-be young criminals. You get caught, you go to jail. To an extent…
Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn Signs Legislation Requiring Consideration of Community Treatment Before Incarceration in All Juvenile Cases
By Illinois Models for Change
SPRINGFIELD, IL – Before sentencing a youth to time in a state prison, juvenile court judges in Illinois will soon be required to review several factors, including the youth’s mental…
Northwestern Prof Works to Give Convicted Teens Second Chances
7/21/2011, Chicago Tribune
By Melissa Harris
By the time Bernardine Dohrn drove more than 100 miles in her silver Buick with two lawyers to the Pontiac Correctional Center, a quarter-century had passed since Mark Clements began serving four…
Profile for Change: Mark D. Hassakis
By Illinois Models for Change
Mark D. Hassakis, attorney from Mt. Vernon, Illinois, and past president of the Illinois State Bar Association. CHICAGO -- When elected a year ago as President of the Illinois State Bar…
Calcasieu Children and Youth Planning Board and Louisiana Models for Change launch innovative MARC center
By Louisiana Models for Change
Representatives from various juvenile justice agencies and statewide organizations were on hand in Lake Charles today as the ribbon was cut on the brand new Calcasieu Parish Multi-Agency Resource…
MacArthur Foundation director helps to unveil LSUHSC Institute for Public Health and Justice
By Louisiana Models for Change
Juvenile justice reform stakeholders from across the nation gathered at a recent John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation-sponsored meeting to hear the first public announcement regarding the…
Profile for Change: Judge Arthur Grim
By Pennsylvania Models for Change
For more than 35 years, Judge Arthur Grim of Berks County Pennsylvania has been working hard to help kids find the path to successful adulthood. In 1975, Grim was a young graduate of Duquesne…
Senate Passes Baker Bills to Bring Reforms to Juvenile Justice System
6/12/2011, Wayne Independent
By Staff
Honesdale, Pa. — The state Senate today approved legislation sponsored by Senator Lisa Baker (R-20) to reform the juvenile justice system and protect the fundamental rights of kids entering the…
Senate approves corruption bills
6/11/2011, Standard Speaker
By Robert Swift
HARRISBURG - A slew of bills to address fallout from the courthouse scandal and other corruption probes in Luzerne County won approval Wednesday from state lawmakers. By unanimous votes, the Senate…
Redeploy Illinois Saving Millions and Changing Lives
By Illinois Models for Change
CHICAGO – By helping counties offer comprehensive services to delinquent youth, the state of Illinois was able to save more than $9 million in 2010 by diverting 184 juveniles away from…
Awards Presented to Chicago News Media For Coverage of Juvenile Justice System
By Illinois Models for Change
CHICAGO -- A Chicago radio station and magazine have received awards for news media excellence in recognition of their in-depth reporting about the Illinois juvenile justice system. The Chicago…
Funding, Implementing Evidence-Based Practices
By Zerline Hughes, Justice Policy Institute
Now more than ever, cash-strapped states are looking into ways to shave expenses. Nationally, there are 81,000 youth in juvenile facilities; 70 percent of these youth are held in state-funded,…
Juvie bills merit swift approval
5/25/2011, Times Leader
By Editorial
When adults make errors in juvenile court, the children don’t get a “do-over” of their most formative years. IT LOOKED LIKE a little thing in Tuesday’s Times Leader, literally…
Illinois Legislature Approves Bill Encouraging Local Treatment for Juveniles When in Best Interest of the Youth and Their Communities
By Illinois Models for Change
SPRINGFIELD, IL -- The Illinois General Assembly has approved legislation directing juvenile court judges to consider whether treatment in a youth's community would be a better option than sentencing…
Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Catherine "Kitty" Kimball Addresses Joint Session of the Louisiana Legislature
By Louisiana Models for Change
Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Catherine “Kitty” Kimball addressed the legislative joint session of the House and Senate on Tuesday, May 3, 2011. During her remarks, Kimball…
Without a Smoking Gun
5/2/2011, The Chicago Reporter
By Angela Caputo
Atreyu Spears fidgeted anxiously as he sat in the bullpen, a corner of the Cook County courthouse where detainees wait for the bailiff to walk them to the judge’s bench. The past 69 days had…
This School Struggled With Detentions, So They Asked For Students' Help. Guess What? It's Working.
4/18/2011, UpWorthy
Models for Change video on peer juries in Illinois is featured on UpWorthy. A peer jury at Manual High School in Peoria, Illinois, has helped to dramatically reduce the number of teens entering…
Juvenile Justice Changes in Illinois Praised
3/20/2011, Associated Press
CHICAGO -- A national organization that advocates keeping youth younger than 18 out of the adult court system is applauding Illinois for recent legislative changes. The Campaign for Youth Justice…
Louisiana's High Incarceration and Dropout Rates Concern Youth Advocates
3/18/2011, The News Star
By Karina Vailes
Louisiana has the No. 1 spot in the number of adults incarcerated, 20 percent more young people incarcerated than the national average and a higher dropout rate than the national average. With …
Louisiana's Top Juvenile Justice Official Sees Improvement at Youth Center
By Louisiana Models for Change
Mary Livers, Deputy Secretary of the Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice (OJJ), along with the director of Monroe's Swanson Center for Youth say conditions at the center continue to improve, despite…
What if it Were Your Child?
1/1/2011, Illinois Bar Journal
By By Mark Hassikis, President of the Illinois State Bar Association, and Lisa Jacobs, Illinois Models for Change
What would the juvenile justice system look like if we knew our sons, daughters, and grandchildren would go through it? Remember the really stupid things you did as a teenager? If pressed, virtually…
Supporting Young People Out of the Justice System
12/15/2010, The Guardian (UK)
By Randeep Ramesh
Clay Yeager spent two decades in America's criminal justice system getting more disillusioned every day as children who had been alienated, disturbed and living in households too poor to do anything…
Champion for Change Susan N. Dreyfus
12/1/2010, Models for Change
By Washington
Secretary, State of Washington Department of Social and Health Services Read the complete 2010 Champions for Change program. When she was appointed Secretary of Washington State’s…
Champion for Change Patricia Torbet
12/1/2010, Models for Change
By Pennsylvania
Senior Research Associate National Center for Juvenile Justice Read the complete 2010 Champions for Change program. When a small group of juvenile justice leaders met to dream up Models for…
2010 Champions for Change
The Champions for Change recognizes one Models for Change leader or partner from each of the four core Models for Change states (Illinois, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Washington) and each of the Models…
Justice for Juveniles
11/30/2010, Carmi Times
Mt. Vernon, Ill. — The Illinois Association of Juvenile Justice Councils has been formed to help convene new juvenile justice councils and link them with others in the state in an effort to…
Profile for Change: Damon Baldone
By Louisiana Models for Change
Louisiana District 53 State Representative Damon Baldone from Houma, Louisiana As a Louisiana state representative, Baldone has garnered a reputation for handling tough issues related to crime…
Illinois Makes Progress But Has Not Achieved the Juvenile Justice System Envisioned by Jane Addams
By Illinois Models for Change
By the time the keynote speaker at the annual Jane Addams Symposium had finished explaining what is right and wrong about the juvenile justice system in America and in Illinois in particular, the…
Summit Addresses Juvenile Justice
9/30/2010, The News-Star
By Staci Parks
The goal to create a model juvenile drug court in the 4th District was a main topic of discussion Wednesday at the Joint Juvenile Justice Summit. District attorneys, judges, attorneys and probation…
Resolutions by Consensus
9/21/2010, Peoria Journal
By Pam Adams
PEORIA, IL — Community peace conferences have already had an effect on Peoria police Sgt. Shawn Wetzel, and the program hasn't officially started yet. "Being in law enforcement 17 years, we've…
Jobs and Future Stalled by Records Thought Secret
9/16/2010, WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio
By Linda Paul
(Illinois Models for Change note: Legislation enacted this year in Illinois improved the process for those 18 and older to clear their records of a first offense misdemeanor as a juvenile, and it…
Text of Julie L. Biehl's Keynote Address at the Jane Addams Hull House Association
By Julie L. Biehl
Jane Addams Hull House Association Jane Addams Symposium Chicago, Illinois September 16, 2010 Keynote Address by Julie L. Biehl Director, Children & Family Justice Center Northwestern…
Juvenile Arrests Can Cast A Long Shadow
9/15/2010, WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio
By Linda Paul
(Illinois Models for Change note: Illinois enacted legislation, effective Jan. 1, 2010, prohibiting the transfer of confidential juvenile arrest records from the Department of State Police to the…
Norwegians Learn Discipline Strategies at Kiefer School
9/15/2010, Peoria Journal Star (Peoria, IL)
By Pam Adams
Bodo, a town in Norway just north of the Arctic Circle, lies in a region of about 75,000 people where gun violence is so rare police officers keep their guns in their cars until needed. The region…
Illinois Juvenile Justice Reform Leader to Address International Conference
By Illinois Models for Change
Elizabeth Clarke, founder and president of the Juvenile Justice Initiative (JJI) in Illinois, has accepted an invitation to address an international audience of juvenile justice reform advocates. In…
Stolen Futures - Seventeen
8/31/2010, The Chicago Reporter
By Angela Caputo
As police pinned Derrick Reed to the hood of a squad car, one thought raced through his mind: “Oh, man. I’m going to go away. I’m 17 now.” The East Garfield Park teen’s…
Opinion: Young Offenders are Different
8/27/2010, The News-Star (Monroe, Louisiana)
By Dana Kaplan
Currently in Louisiana there are 897 individuals behind bars for crimes committed as juveniles. Of these 897, almost half, 394, were prosecuted as adults, bypassing the juvenile justice system…
Juvenile Detention Reform Helping to Ease Overcrowding
By Louisiana Models for Change
In Shreveport, Louisiana, Caddo Juvenile Detention Center's small cell blocks are reserved mostly for teens charged with armed robbery, sex crimes and other violent felony offenses. Despite a…
Editorial: Recommit to Serving Troubled Teens
8/3/2010, The Daily Herald
It's been nearly a year since a 16-year-old boy took his own life inside a state youth prison in St. Charles. Nearly a year to look at what went wrong. Nearly a year for change to happen. We've…
Illinois Governor Quinn Signs “Sexting” Law
7/19/2010, Illinois Government News Network
By Kevin Lee
(Illinois Models for Change note: The Juvenile Justice Initiative and other Illinois Models for Change partners helped educate lawmakers about the need to revise sex offender laws and provide…
Illinois Governor Quinn Names Acting Juvenile Justice Director
7/16/2010, Office of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 16, 2010 Governor Quinn Names Acting Juvenile Justice Director Veteran Administrator, Child Welfare Expert Arthur Bishop to Lead Agency Merger with the Department of…
Legislation Would Set Standard for Juvenile Detention
6/17/2010, The News Star
By Matthew Hamilton
The Louisiana Legislature has passed a bill that would set standards for juvenile detention facilities, one of the long-deferred promises from the state's landmark juvenile justice reform…
National Juvenile Justice Network to present Jefferson Parish's Children and Youth Planning Board with Award for Leadership in Juvenile Justice Reform
By Louisiana Models for Change
The National Juvenile Justice Network will present the Jefferson Parish Children and Youth Planning Board with its Award for Leadership in Juvenile Justice Reform. This is the inaugural year for the…
Bryan Stevenson on Juveniles Sentenced to Life Without Parole
By John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on May 17, 2010, that juveniles may not be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for a non-homicide. Bryan Stevenson, founder and executive director of…
Ogle County Juvenile Diversion Programs See Success
5/15/2010, Freeport Journal-Standard
By Travis Morse
Oregon, Ill. — To Sherri Egan, Ogle County’s new emphasis on diversion programs for non-violent juvenile offenders, as opposed to incarceration, has had a positive impact on the community…
The Hard Labor of Reform: Despite Progress, Juvenile Justice Overhaul Still Lags Original Vision
4/26/2010, The News Star
By Matthew Hamilton
Louisiana's juvenile justice reformers put the fate of children above all else in their founding document. "The Legislature hereby finds and declares that the children and families of Louisiana are…
Taking Responsibility for Youth Justice
4/12/2010, Chicago Tribune
By Elizabeth Clarke, President, Juvenile Justice Initiative
Tribune readers should have been shocked to learn that more than 10 percent of the youths in state prisons have served their sentences but remain locked up because the state agency responsible for…
Effective Strategy on Juvenile Crime Has Southern Illinois Roots
4/8/2010, The Southern Illinoisan, Carbondale, Illinois
By The Southern Illinoisan
Our View: New approach to juvenile justice in Illinois is neither "soft" nor "tough" on crime. It looks at the whole juvenile and is "smart" on crime. When Chief Circuit Judge George Timberlake…
The Children of Transfer
By Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana
In Louisiana there are currently 897 people incarcerated for crimes committed before their 17th birthday. Of these 897, 394 are currently incarcerated in adult prisons. "The Children of Transfer"…
Kids Killing kids
3/15/2010, Chicago Tribune
The lost boys look crisp in T-shirts and desert-tan dungarees. The black letters that spill down one leg of each trousers, "IDOC," mark Bill Bigeck and Eddie Morfin as wards of the Illinois…
Illinois Increases Juvenile Court Age Cutoff to 17
3/12/2010, Chicago Tribune
By Jeff Long
When a 17-year-old girl was caught stealing $300 worth of clothing at a mall a few weeks ago, she was charged with a misdemeanor in juvenile court. Before Jan. 1, she could have been in even bigger…
New Data on Sanctions and Services Supports the Use of Non-Institutional Alternatives
By LaWanda Johnson
Does placing youth who commit offenses in expensive, out-of-home placements improve their chances of not reoffending? New preliminary data from the Pathways to Desistance study reported by the…
Scandals Highlight the Need for Juvenile Justice Reform
3/4/2010, Illinois Issues
By Jamey Dunn
Just a few months ago, it looked as if the scandal surrounding the “Meritorious Good Time Push” prisoner-release program could cost Gov. Pat Quinn a win in the primary election. Under the…
Illinois Models for Change Leader Honored as Faculty Member of the Year at Loyola University Chicago
By Illinois Models for Change
Diane Geraghty, a leader of the Illinois Models for Change, has been recognized as the 2009 Faculty Member of the Year at Loyola University Chicago. Geraghty is founder and director of the Loyola…
Outreach Group Matches Homeless Teens With Adults
2/24/2010, WBBM-TV, Chicago
By Kristyn Hartman
CHICAGO -- It's tough enough growing up, but imagine having to find your way to adulthood homeless, and without a mom or dad. It happens to thousands of kids in Chicago each year. Would you be…
Illinois Governor Taps Models for Change Leaders to Help Shape Juvenile Justice Policy
By Illinois Models for Change
Illinois Governor Pat Quinn recently reinvigorated the state’s Juvenile Justice Commission (IJJC) by naming 16 new members to the 25-member advisory group. Several of the new commission members…
New Chair of Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission Talks About Future of Reform in Illinois
By Illinois Models for Change
Retired Judge George W. Timberlake, who is a member of the Illinois Models for Change Coordinating Council, recently was named Chair of the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission (IJJC). Timberlake…
Chicago Public Radio Tells the Story of Life "Inside and Out" of the Juvenile Justice System
By Illinois Models for Change
Chicago Public Radio station WBEZ-FM has begun a series of reports examining how young people get caught up in the juvenile justice system, their life inside juvenile prisons and what happens to them…
Reforming Juvenile Justice
2/1/2010, The New York Times
By Tracy Velázquez
To the Editor: Re “Seeking to Send Fewer Youths to Jail, City Shifts Strategy on Delinquency” (news article, Jan. 21): It’s past time for acknowledging that America’s…
Juvenile Justice Reform Initiatives Taking Place Across Louisiana
By Louisiana Models for Change (courtesy of Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Catherine D. Kimball)
I applaud the member judges of the Louisiana Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges for their active support and ongoing efforts to improve and reform Louisiana’s juvenile justice…
Conference Highlights Successes in Models for Change States
By LaWanda Johnson
Hundreds of Models for Change representatives from sixteen states were on hand to highlight reform progress in their states and share experiences with peers during the 4th annual Models for Change…
Juvenile Law Center Strives for Justice Reform
12/28/2009, The Legal Intelligencer
By Robert Schwartz
The Juvenile Law Center's highly publicized work on behalf of thousands of Luzerne County teens is of obvious import. It also has its ironies. Since 2004, the Juvenile Law Center has been the "lead…
Rapides Parish Judge Nationally Honored
By Louisiana Models for Change (courtesy of Elliot A. Hutchinson))
Ninth Judicial District Judge Patricia Evans Koch will be honored as a 2009 Champion for Change in juvenile justice reform for her work locally and across the state. Koch will be recognized by…
OJJDP Invites Comments on Proposed FY 2010 Program Plan
12/2/2009, The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) has published a Notice of its Proposed Plan for Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 in the December 1, 2009, Federal Register. The Proposed Plan…
Developmental Psychologist Says Teenagers Are Different
12/1/2009, The New York Times
By Claudia Dreifus
Laurence Steinberg, a developmental psychologist at Temple University in Philadelphia, is one of the leading experts in the United States on adolescent behavior and adolescent brain biology. Dr.…
James Rieland Honored for Exceptional Contributions to Juvenile Justice Reform in Pennsylvania
By Models for Change Pennsylvania
James J. Rieland, Director of Allegheny County Probation and critical fixture in Pennsylvania’s Models for Change initiative, has been awarded the Dennis M. Maloney Award for his exceptional…
Two Systems Come Together in Illinois with a Common Goal of Helping Juveniles in Trouble
By Illinois Models for Change
DuPage County, Illinois’ second largest county, is well known as an economic and political powerhouse. More recently, the county also is earning a reputation as a leader in the field of…
Saving young offenders is project's goal
10/21/2009, Sauk Valley Newspapers, Dixon and Sterling, Illinois
The criminal justice system in Ogle County is trying a new cooperative approach to discourage juvenile offenders from committing more crimes. The initiative is an effort by the Ogle County…
What is Working around Illinois
By Lisa Jacobs
Models for Change is a national initiative funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to accelerate reform of juvenile justice systems across the country (…
Unprecedented Agreement Reached to Assist Juveniles
By Ogle County Juvenile Justice Council
OREGON, IL – Juveniles running into trouble with the law in Ogle County are finding law enforcement and probation officers coming to their assistance. Members of the Ogle County Juvenile…
Ogle County State's Attorney Ben Roe Named to State Task Force
By Ogle County Juvenile Justice Council
Oregon, IL - Ogle County State’s Attorney John B. “Ben” Roe has been appointed to a new state task force to study whether 17-year-olds charged with felony offenses should be tried…
Promising Models for Reforming Juvenile Justice Systems
9/8/2009, The Huffington Post
By Marian Wright Edelman
Nationally, one in three Black boys and one in six Latino boys born in 2001 are at risk of going to prison during their lifetimes. Although boys are more than five times as likely to be incarcerated…
California to close its largest juvenile prison
8/28/2009, Los Angeles Times
By Michael Rothfeld
The Heman G. Stark Youth Correctional Facility in Chino will be converted into an adult prison. The move is part of a plan to 'right-size' staff at the Division of Juvenile Justice. Reporting from…
Locking Up Fewer Children
8/14/2009, New York Times
By Editorial
In the 1990s, states and localities began sending more and more children to juvenile lockups, often for months, while they awaited trial for nonviolent offenses or even noncriminal behavior like…
Governor and General Assembly Recognize Need to Improve the Effectiveness of Reintegration of Youth Offenders
By Juvenile Justice Initiative
SPRINGFIELD, IL – Gov. Pat Quinn has approved with changes legislation aimed at reducing recidivism by young offenders and improving the safety of their home communities. Senate Bill 1725…
National Initiative Keeping Youths Out of Jail, Report Says
8/6/2009, Washington Post
By Henri E. Cauvin
A national juvenile justice initiative is helping reduce the number of young offenders being jailed after arrest, according to a new report by the foundation that has backed the effort. But in the…
New Report Documents Dramatic Reductions in Youth Detention
8/5/2009, Salem-News
Reformers Gather in DC to Review Progress. (BALTIMORE, Md.) - A new report released by the Annie C. Casey Foundation shows that two decades of juvenile justice reform have reduced youth detention,…
12 and in Prison
7/27/2009, New York Times
By Editorial
The Supreme Court sent an important message when it ruled in Roper v. Simmons in 2005 that children under the age of 18 when their crimes were committed were not eligible for the death penalty.…
Illinois Gov. Quinn makes pilot Redeploy Illinois juvenile justice reform permanent program
By Jim Bray
Redeploy Illinois, a pilot program to divert youths from incarceration in state facilities, will become a permanent state program and will have the ability to expand to counties throughout the…
New Illinois Law Offers 17 Year-Olds Charged With Misdemeanor Chance in Juvenile Court
2/10/2009, Juvenile Justice Initiative/Models for Change Illinois
The following press release is available for download from the Juvenile Justice Initiative website, it has been provided in full below for reference. The Juvenile Justice Initiative has also prepared…
Third Models for Change working conference gathers forces and champions juvenile justice reform
The Third Annual Models for Change Working Conference, in December 2008, provided a unique opportunity for representatives from all areas of the initiative to come together and share knowledge, tools…
Keeping Youth Out of Adult Courts Better for Children, Safer for Communities, According to New Study
6/26/2008, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
By Juvenile Justice Initiative
(Chicago, IL) — The 2005 repeal of a state law that once forced children accused of drug offenses into adult criminal courts has not compromised public safety and, instead, has provided…
MacArthur Action Networks to Address Racial and Ethnic Disparities and Mental Health in Juvenile Justice
6/19/2007, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Chicago, IL (June 19, 2007) – The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, which is investing $100 million to support and accelerate promising models of juvenile justice reform, is…
MacArthur Awards $4.2 Million to Accelerate Juvenile Justice Reform in Illinois, 3 Other States
6/15/2006, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
CHICAGO, IL—The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation today announced six grants totaling nearly $4.2 million to help accelerate promising models for juvenile justice reform as part of…
MacArthur Foundation Selects Illinois as "Model" State for National Juvenile Justice Reform Initiative
2/2/2006, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Chicago, IL--The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation announced today that it has selected Illinois as one of four states to participate in its national initiative to accelerate promising…
$3.2 Million In Grants Made To Help Improve Juvenile Justice System
2/6/2003, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 6, 2003 Media Contact Jennifer Humke Communications Officer Phone (312) 726-8000 Email: jhumke at macfound dot org Chicago, IL-The John D. and Catherine T.…
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