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Op-ed and essays

Once-Incarcerated Youth Are Now Faces of Freedom
8/24/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Alton Pitre
"Because of our resilience, which allowed us to transform, we all are now free and fighting for just policies and laws in our juvenile and criminal justice systems in our own different ways. Because…
Let’s Treat Juveniles in Detention at Least as Well as Animals in Zoo
8/12/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Elizabeth Clarke
Prisons, or concrete cages, are outdated concepts for animals. Our zoos have turned animal enclosures into humane reproductions of their natural home environment. Yet our detention centers/prisons…
3 Steps to Reform Our Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems
7/27/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Alton Pitre
Our criminal justice system “remains particularly skewed by race and by wealth,” said President Obama in his speech at the NAACP’s 106th National Convention in Philadelphia July…
More Data Needed on New Group ‘Emerging Adults’
7/6/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
Inspired by the same brain research that preceded the nationwide movement to reform our juvenile justice system, the term “emerging adults” has gained currency as the term denoting ages…
Rehabilitating Teens May Mean Sealing Their Juvenile Record
6/28/2015, The Seattle Times
By Hon. Bobbe J. Bridge and Vanessa Torres Hernandez
The state Supreme Court recognized that sealing juvenile court records can help further a teen’s chances for rehabilitation. MORE than 100 years ago, Washington lawmakers created a separate…
Editorial: Springfield's secret to criminal justice reform — compromise
6/16/2015, Chicago Sun-Times
People who work with troubled kids will tell you that it does no good to put a child as young as 10 in a county detention facility. Talk about setting the kid up for even more trouble.
OP-ED: Justice Foiled by Ignorance of Trauma
6/10/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George Timberlake, Ret.
Our court systems, both child welfare and juvenile delinquency, must learn what science can teach us and use that knowledge every day in every case, no matter what the circumstances.
OP-ED: I Believe in Restorative Justice for My Child’s Killer
4/21/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Sharletta Evans
It has been nearly 20 years since my 3-year-old son, Casson Xavier “Biscuit” Evans, was killed in a drive-by shooting in Denver. Back then, I wanted the three teenagers charged with his…
JJDP Reauthorization Act Will Help Build a Juvenile Justice System That Works
4/16/2015, SparkAction
By Bill Baccaglini and Dr. Sylvia Rowlands
Criminal justice issues in our country are usually left to the states, but for more than 40 years, since passage of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974 (JJDPA), Congress has…
City Leaders are Taking Up the Charge of Juvenile Justice Reform
3/31/2015, Cities Speak/National League of Cities Blog
By Laura Furr
As cities strive to create fair and effective responses to young people in the juvenile justice system, everyone benefits from reduced future crime and improved outcomes for young residents. We see…
Judges Should Decide Where Teens Stand Trial
3/31/2015, Chicago Sun-Times
In juvenile courtrooms today, much of a judge’s time is spent trying to find out what’s going wrong and right in a child’s life and finding ways to change behaviors. Juvenile court…
The Business of Positive Youth Justice: Changing Staff Perception and Measuring Success
3/25/2015, Chronicle of Social Change
By Marc Schindler
I recently described to a friend the picture The Chronicle of Social Change painted of juvenile justice systems rooted in a Positive Youth Justice (PYJ) framework, which operationalizes positive…
OP-ED: New Guidelines for Juvenile Defense Attorneys 1 Step Forward for Young Defendants
3/11/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Jeff Howard
"Representing a child facing an extreme sentence requires a unique skill set and more resources, similar to those made available in capital cases. A defense attorney needs to foster a developmentally…
OP-ED: We Must Advocate for Juvenile Defense Attorneys
3/5/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George Timberlake, Ret.
"We need to advocate for juvenile defense attorneys in those arenas that can supply the support needed — to state legislators, governors, county boards and court systems... We must have…
OP-ED: States Have Choices for Juvenile Justice Reform
3/4/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Bill Baccaglini and Sylvia Rowlands
State and local governments around the country are dealing with issues related to incarceration of juveniles. Several, including New York, are considering proposals that would end sentencing 16- and…
Op-ED: Parker and Schneider: Make 17-Year-Olds Juveniles in Justice System
2/25/2015, Houston Chronicle
By Laura Parker and Michael Schneide
As juvenile court judges, our mission is to help troubled kids get back on track while ensuring accountability and community safety. To help our communities meet those goals, we join sheriffs and…
OP-ED: Five Days to Life in W.Va. Truancy Crisis
2/24/2015, The Charleston Gazette
By Jennifer Meinig
West Virginia’s juvenile justice system is in crisis and the time is ripe to fix it. We applaud the Governor for proposing SB 393 to address this problem, but the bill doesn’t go far…
OP-ED: Time to Take Closer Look at Race in Juvenile Justice System
2/23/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Carmen Daugherty
The latest data from the U.S. Department of Justice showed that the rate of youth in confinement dropped 41 percent between 2001 and 2011. Cause to celebrate? Yes and no. Despite the remarkable…
OP-ED: Juvenile Justice Reforms Needed in West Virginia
2/23/2015, Charleston Daily Mail
By Chris Walters
Across the country, states are adopting juvenile justice reforms that protect public safety, save taxpayer money and help young offenders get their lives back on track. After taking a hard look at…
OP-ED: Can the Drop in Juvenile Incarcerations Offer Lessons for Adult Policy?
2/19/2015, The Crime Report
By Marc Schindler
After a few years of modest decreases in the adult prison populations, states added 6,858 people to prisons, according to the most recent numbers. This uptick (around a 2 percent increase in state…
OP-ED: Mental Health Professionals Should Be Key Leaders in Juvenile Justice Policy
2/13/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Liz S. Alexander
As new research emerges on adolescent brain development and trauma, and its association with delinquent behaviors among justice-involved youth, it is apparent that juvenile justice policies should…
OP-ED: First Problem Is Seeing Abused Girls As ‘Bad Girls’
2/11/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
In our society, there is a deep underlying presence of age-old social gender role expectations. Girls should be “sugar and spice and everything nice.” The consequence for not meeting…
OP-ED: Judges’ Involvement in Juvenile Justice Meetings Is Booster Shot
2/5/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
If you ever want to get the attention — and attendance — of all players in a judicial system, ask a judge to invite them to a meeting. It’s American democracy’s equivalent of…
OP-ED: A Prosecutor’s Perspective on Juvenile Justice Reform in 2015
1/30/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Susan Broderick
As the gatekeeper to the juvenile justice system, prosecutors must be trained on all aspects of adolescent development, prevention, early intervention and evidence-based practices. Prosecutors must…
OP-ED: Dr. King, His Day, Then and Now
1/22/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Alton Pitre
The moment you realize the things you used to do were dumb is the divine moment you realize how far you have come. Attending the parade on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Atlanta this year was the…
OP-ED: Ten Minutes to Convict, 70 Years to Exonerate
1/9/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Marcy Mistrett
At the end of last year, 70 years after the state of South Carolina executed 14-year-old George Stinney Jr., he was finally exonerated. A judge threw out his murder conviction, citing constitutional…
OP-ED: Juvenile Justice Questions to Ask for 2015
1/7/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
I read several automobile-related magazines and websites — some related to very old cars. A recent article described a collector’s restoration of a 1930 LaSalle with a rear body section…
OP-ED: Youth Incarceration: Bad ROI
1/4/2015, Baltimore Sun
By Mark Grovic
As a venture investor who has invested in companies with proven approaches to improving student outcomes in Maryland and across the country, my job it is provide strong returns on the dollars I…
The New York Times Editorial: Kids and Jails, a Bad Combination
12/28/2014, The New York Times
By Editorial Board
There are few bright spots in America’s four-decade-long incarceration boom, but one enduring success — amid all the wasted money and ruined lives — has been the Juvenile Justice…
OP-ED: Young People’s Brain Development Gives Us Window for Change
12/18/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Marc Schindler
Marc Schindler, Justice Policy Institute During the Models for Change powerful closing keynote presentation from Dr. Laurence Steinberg, juvenile justice leaders and practitioners were rightly…
OP-ED: The Holidays Arrive Early for Juvenile Justice
12/13/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Jill Ward and Liz Ryan
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. In fact, there are two: Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island. And they've just delivered a big holiday present early this…
OP-ED: Costs to Incarcerate Young People Tip of Iceberg
12/9/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Amanda Petteruti and Jason Ziedenberg
Over the past decade, the vast majority of states have reduced the number of youth they incarcerate in juvenile justice system facilities: There has been a 45 percent decline in the number of youth…
The Kids are Alright: The Need for City-Led Juvenile Justice Reform
12/9/2014, National League of Cities
By Laura Furr
A new resource is available for city leaders committed to increasing public safety and improving youth outcomes through juvenile justice reform. NLC’s Institute for Youth, Education, and…
OP-ED: Time to Talk to the New Politicians and Save Some Lives
12/3/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
What do state politics have to do with juvenile justice? Just about everything. Few political campaigns mention kids in conflict with the law, and those campaigns that make those kids an issue do…
U.S. in poor company on children’s rights
11/18/2014, Chicago Sun-Times
By Elizabeth Clarke
Over a century ago, the United States led the world in extending rights to children by creating the world’s first juvenile court. More than 100 years later, the U.S. lags behind the world as…
OP-ED: Book Clubs Are Next Logical Step
11/6/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
Let’s start a book club! OK, I’m not Oprah but let me explain what book clubs have to do with juvenile justice reform. In just the last 15 years, the field of juvenile justice has…
Evidence-based Practices Aren’t the Only Tool in the Shed
11/4/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Amanda Petteruti
Over the last 15 years, juvenile justice advocates fought hard to convince policymakers and government officials that the best way to help youth succeed and improve public safety is to keep them out…
OP-ED: Automatic Transfer Negates Justice for All Our Children
10/23/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Elizabeth Clarke, President, Juvenile Justice Initiative
In a sobering decision, the Illinois Supreme Court recently upheld the automatic adult prosecution of a 15-year-old who was living in a state residential home due to long-standing neglect by his…
OP-ED: Ripple of Hope for Dual Status Youth
10/14/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Mark Mertens
Thanks to the work of the RFK Children’s Action Corps and the various local jurisdictions participating in reform efforts, we have substantial knowledge about what it takes to mitigate the…
OP-ED: Attorney General’s Legacy Needs Shoring Up
10/2/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Liz Ryan
Let's take a moment to review the accomplishments and legacy on youth justice issues of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. After six years, he announced his intentions last week to step down... With…
OP-ED: Juvenile Courts Are Losing Opportunities to Create Better Futures
10/1/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
I recently learned of two traumatic events — both are connected to juvenile court but not to each other. I share both as further evidence of the need for best practices to take hold in our…
OP-ED: Federal Leadership Moving in Right Direction with New Grants
9/24/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Marc Schindler
The renewal of an important public-private collaboration between the Office of Justice Programs and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation is a major accomplishment for the juvenile…
OP-ED: As Another Young Boy Commits Suicide in an Adult Prison, We Must Rethink the Prosecution of Children as Adults
9/23/2014, Huffington Post
By Marsha Levick
Zachary Proper, age 15, committed suicide two weeks ago in an adult prison in Pennsylvania. There has been little media coverage of his death, suggesting a disturbing complacency about suicide by…
What’s the Value of Federal Juvenile Justice Act? Imagine the Last 40 Years Without It
9/9/2014, The Chronicle of Social Change
By Liz Ryan and Jill Ward
So what if there was no JJDPA? Remember the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” where the soon-to-be angel Clarence turns back the clock and George Bailey hasn’t been born? He…
Blog: Improving Juvenile Justice Responses to Youth with Mental Health Needs
9/5/2014, Status Offense Reform Center Blog
By Kathleen Skowyra
Read the SORC Blog interview with Kathleen Skowyra, the Associate Director of the National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice at Policy Research Associates. The blog outlines the services…
OP-ED: Why the JJDPA Still Matters
9/5/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Marie N. Williams, JD
When first enacted in 1974, the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA) revolutionized juvenile justice practice across the United States. While not commonly discussed as such, the…
OP-ED: Stop Sentencing Kids to Life Without Parole
9/4/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Nancy Schouweiler
As a county commissioner, I do not see juveniles with very long sentences held in my local facilities, but that does not mean I find these sentences any less troubling. County officials have the task…
OP-ED: Fitting Juvenile Justice into the ‘Public Policy Puzzle’
9/3/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
When I learned Michael Botticelli had been selected to be the director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, I happened to be reading an excellent book on the topics that will be…
OP-ED: Reflections on Justice After Ferguson, MO: When Will Youth of Color Receive the Same Due Process as Officer Darren Wilson?
9/2/2014, Huffington Post
By Marsha Levick, Mae C. Quinn
It's been several weeks since Michael Brown was shot by Officer Darren Wilson. The investigation and grand jury proceedings continue as community members in Ferguson, MO and supporters around the…
OP-ED: With Juveniles, Staff Training Matters More Than Race
8/29/2014, Chronicle of Social Change
By Marc Schindler
Would diversifying the police force have helped prevent the tragedy at Ferguson? There is some evidence that black police officers and white police officers behave in similar ways and that the…
OP-ED: The Myth of Juvenile Crime in the Summer
8/20/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Marc Schindler and Amanda Petteruti
It seems like summer has always created some anxiety for adults, who worry that youth will end up in trouble if they don’t have enough to do. Part of that worry may be justifiable: We all want…
OP-ED: Juvenile Sex Offender Registries Don’t Make Us Safer
8/18/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
Sex offenders are people, too. You probably won’t see that on bumper stickers soon, but it is the sentiment I try to convey when explaining my views of how our society should respond to sexual…
OP-ED: Ferguson a Stark Reminder of Racial Disparity in Nation’s Justice System
8/15/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Elizabeth Clarke
The protests in Ferguson, Mo., have captured the attention of the nation, focusing on the injustice and racial disparities in the justice system — in Ferguson.
OP-ED: How to Improve the System’s Treatment of Kids? Ask Them
8/14/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By John Maki
While a growing body of research has demonstrated that punishing young people in the adult criminal justice system is not an effective deterrent, results in higher rates of recidivism and undermines…
OP-ED: Why Do We Need to Do This Work?
By Mark Warner
As Deputy Chief of the Cook Juvenile Probation and Court Services, I’m frequently asked about my work surrounding dual status youth — youth involved with both the child welfare and…
OP-ED: Uncharted Territory
7/16/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By John Maki
CHICAGO — At the end of last year, the Illinois General Assembly found itself in uncharted territory. In response to an ongoing crisis of gun violence in some of Chicago’s poorest…
OP-ED: Building Bipartisan Base for Safer, Smarter Juvenile Justice
7/11/2014, The Chicago Bureau
By Justice Policy Institute
In the past two weeks, Congressional leaders took important steps to play a more catalytic role in advancing safe and smart youth justice policies, building on the bipartisan support that exists in…
OP-ED: Restorative Justice Isn’t Fluff, It’s an Investment in the Future
7/9/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
The argument escalated during lunch in the cafeteria. The 15-year-old boy who threw the first punch made a loud comment about the 16-year-old’s tattoo and threw a hard right. The older boy went…
OP-ED: Signs of Hope and Justice Two Years After Miller v. Alabama
7/8/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Jody Kent Lavy
Two years after the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Miller v. Alabama, which found that it is unconstitutional to impose automatic life-without-parole sentences on children, I find myself…
OP-ED: Counties Can Improve Juvenile Justice System Outcomes
7/7/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Chris Rodgers
Ever since I learned that a child’s reading level in third grade can be an indicator of his or her likelihood to be incarcerated as an adult, I’ve become increasingly determined that…
OP-ED: More Efforts Focus on Treatment Instead of Sanctions for Youth with Mental Disorders
6/27/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By John Lash
There are several facets to the puzzle of how to best help these kids. One is figuring out the best programming. What actually works? Another is how to put the programming in place within an…
Racial Disparities in the Juvenile Justice System
6/25/2014, The New York Times
By Sarah Bryer
The story of the Central Park Five is an important reminder that although things have certainly improved since the 1980s, our juvenile justice system continues to single out youths of color for…
OP-ED: Between Hope and Despair, Waiting for Meaningful Implementation of Miller v. Alabama
6/24/2014, Huffington Post
By Marsha Levick, Jody Kent Lavy, and Ashley Nellis
Joe Ligon is a 75-year-old inmate who was condemned to die in a prison in Philadelphia over six decades ago for a murder he witnessed, but did not commit. With no disciplinary infractions and serious…
OP-ED: Dual Status Youth – Tomorrow May Be Too Late
6/23/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By John Tuell
In the past decade, we have increasingly learned about youth who enter the juvenile justice system with histories or active involvement in the child welfare system, now commonly referred to as dual…
OP-ED: ‘Kids-for-Cash’ Documentary a Reminder of Continuing Problems in Juvenile Justice Systems
6/19/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Megan Bruce
"For many of the children who were involved, the scandal and the resulting consequences of juvenile justice system involvement will have life-long effects. “Kids for Cash” is an…
OP-ED: Reflecting on the Past, Planning for the Future of Juvenile Justice and JJDPA
6/17/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Marie Williams
Anniversaries are a time to celebrate, but also to look back and reflect on where we’ve been and where we are going. This week, the Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ) will welcome more than…
OP-ED: Models for Change — A Decade of Advancing Juvenile Justice
6/13/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Marc Schindler
Action Networks received Champions for Change awards during the 2013 Models for Change Annual Conference. When I left the Youth Law Center in 2005 to take a position with the DC Department of…
Remembrance: Maya Angelou’s Visit to Oak Hill
6/5/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By David Domenici
Last weekend my best friend, James Forman, published a beautiful tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou, who died May 28. James recounts how the school we started for court-involved and at-risk teens from…
The Makings of a Good Juvenile Probation Officer
6/4/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
When juvenile court judges across the nation make decisions in response to crimes committed by children, most often those children receive a sentence of probation, and the court relies upon the…
Opinion: Raise Age of Juvenile Jurisdiction
5/30/2014, Houston Chronicle
By Adrian Garcia, Christopher C. Kirk and Guadalupe Valdez
"Congress unanimously passed the prison rape-elimination legislation in response to concerns about dangerous conditions in prisons. The initiative restricts the placement of anyone under the age of…
Which State Will be the Last to “Raise the Age”?
5/29/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Melissa Sickmund
As the National Center for Juvenile Justice launches our latest website — Juvenile Justice GPS — I want to draw attention to some of the things we see in the data that will be encouraging…
What about the girls?
5/27/2014, Philadelphia Inquirer
By Cathy Weiss
Are there more "bad girls" than there used to be? Compared with previous generations, adolescent girls are getting into trouble with the law and with their peers at a rate much higher than their…
Listen Up D.C.: Stop Putting Your Young People In Adult Jails
5/22/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Marc Schindler
Having helped lead the Washington, D.C. Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS) – the city’s juvenile corrections agency — I know, first hand from my experience running…
OP-ED: Cities Step Up to Keep Kids Out of Juvenile Detention
5/19/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Laura Furr
Mayors, city council members and other municipal leaders have not traditionally played a central role in juvenile justice reform. City leaders from across the country are now stepping up to the…
An Opportunity to Remake Juvenile Justice
5/7/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
It is the legislative season in Illinois and around the country, and that means advocates spend lots of time trying to improve the juvenile justice system and trying to defeat bills that would hinder…
OP-ED: Federal Juvenile Justice Regs: What’s the Holdup?
4/29/2014, Chronicle of Social Change
By Liz Ryan
Last December, before a packed room full of MacArthur Foundation’s Models for Change conference participants, the Obama Administration’s top Department of Justice appointee on youth…
LTE: Stop the school-to-prison pipeline
4/28/2014, The Post and Courier
By Letter to the Editor
David Slade's article on juvenile detention ("Juvenile Justice System Fails to Educate," April 16) exposes the shortcomings of our juvenile detention centers in our state. Instead of faulting the…
Letter to the Editor: The Importance of Education for Troubled Youths
4/23/2014, The New York Times
By Marc Schindler
Marc Schindler, executive director of the Justice Policy Institute, responds to The New York Times editorial, "The Next Juvenile Justice Reform," (April 20, 2014). To the Editor: Your editorial…
OP-ED: It’s Time to Abolish Automatic Transfer
4/9/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By John Maki, Executive Director of the John Howard Association of Illinois
In Illinois’ statehouse, legislators are debating a proposal that would give judges the power to determine whether kids should be tried in juvenile or criminal court, regardless of the crime…
OP-ED: Children Deserve Our Honesty and Compassion
4/8/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Staff
We shouldn’t ignore their [young people’s] cries for attention, or vilify adolescence. We should encourage strengths, stimulate minds, and attempt to understand adolescent behavior so…
OP-ED: For a Kid of Color, Unavoidable Contact With the Cops
4/7/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Alton Pitre
My first encounter with the police happened during my sophomore year in high school. I was leaving a childhood friend’s apartment with another friend when suddenly two Community Reform Against…
OP-ED: Teens and the Sex Offender Registry, No Good Outcomes for Anyone
4/2/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
Last week, I hailed a taxi in Washington, D C, and asked the driver to take me to the Keck Building for a meeting with a committee of the National Research Council. The cabby recognized the address…
OP-ED: Juvenile Probation – Time to Take a Hard Look at What We Are Doing
3/26/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By John Tuell
Our nation’s array of probation and juvenile services departments in some way touch the lives of almost every youth having contact with the juvenile justice system. These departments are…
Keeping juveniles on sex-offender registry doesn’t make sense
3/26/2014, Chicago Sun-Times
By Mark Brown
The Illinois Sex Offender Registry includes the names of more than 2,500 individuals who were found guilty of a sex offense as a juvenile — 70 percent of them required to carry the label for…
Justice system is failing young black men
3/11/2014, CNN Opinion
By Laurence Steinberg
Last month, President Obama announced a new initiative, My Brother's Keeper, which aims to improve the life chances of young black men. It's an important effort designed to help one of American…
End solitary confinement for juveniles
3/5/2014, Chicago Sun-Times
By Elizabeth Clarke and John Maki
Prisoners in isolation often are confined to small cells without windows, with little or no access to the outside world or adequate treatment programs. Such extreme isolation can have serious…
OP-ED: You can’t Talk About Justice Without Talking About Race
3/5/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
Attempts at reducing disproportionate minority contact (DMC) and disparate treatment of racial and ethnic youth in the justice systems of our country have not made much progress. Advocates,…
Op Ed: Fund Alternatives Instead Of Locking Up More Kids
3/3/2014, The Hartford Courant
By Abby Anderson
Connecticut's juvenile justice reforms have reduced crime and saved money. I regularly field inquiries from other states where people want to emulate our progress. One state seems bent on…
OP-ED: The Importance of Jobs Programs for Youth Re-Entry
2/5/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
As the nation’s perception of the juvenile justice system has evolved steadily over the last 20 years, states across the country have acted on many lessons learned from research and experience…
How to end the senseless cycle of school suspensions and expulsions
1/20/2014, Seattle Times
By Linda Mangel
WE’VE all heard the saying: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. Unfortunately, this approach has guided discipline policies in most…
When Children Become Criminals
1/19/2014, The New York Times
By Editorial board
New York is one of two states, the other being North Carolina, in which 16-year-olds are automatically tried as adults. This is the case despite overwhelming evidence that sending children into adult…
OP-ED: ‘Those Kinds of Kids’: Meeting the Needs of LGBTQ Youth of Color Charged with Status Offenses
1/16/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Bernadette Brown
LGBTQ young people are twice as likely to be detained for status offenses as straight youth. Sadly, the lack of culturally relevant services and possible racial discrimination, combined with her…
Funneling Children into the Adult Criminal Justice System
1/13/2014, Atlanta Daily World
By Marian Wright Edelman
Children are not little adults. Adolescents are not the same as adults. We’ve known this for years. The research showing that their brains are still developing is clear. Although young people…
Balanced approach long overdue
1/10/2014, Brattleboro Reformer
By Editorial
Zero tolerance has been a common mantra in our nation's schools ever since the Columbine shooting nearly 15 years ago. School administrators adhere to this strict discipline approach to keep…
Trauma and Triumph in Family Court
1/8/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
This is a story of complex family relations and problems and one that exemplifies the challenges, as well as the benefits, of engaging families in changing juvenile behaviors... While this family's…
State Has Wised Up On Juvenile Justice
12/26/2013, The Hartford Currant
By Editorial
Fifteen years ago, Connecticut routinely locked up hundreds of youths each year, often for minor offenses or violations, in dangerous, overcrowded detention centers. This was one of three states…
OP-ED: U.S. Must Increase Juvenile Justice Protections for Children
12/9/2013, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Elizabeth Clarke
Chicago, my hometown, was the home of the world’s first juvenile court. We are very proud of our history in the pioneering of a separate and more rehabilitative court for children in the United…
OP-ED: Holidays in the Juvenile Justice System
12/4/2013, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
My wife, Mary Jo, and I were snowbound in Michigan while working on a building project so we lost Thanksgiving with our families in southern Illinois. Missing a holiday with the dozens of brothers,…
Opinion: Race, kids, and a path to change
11/13/2013, The Connecticut Mirror
By Abby Anderson
People in juvenile justice sometimes say: “If only we could get rid of poverty and racism, our work would be done.” It’s a recognition that the root causes of the horrible problems…
Absurd decision: Pennsylvania justices err on the side of cruelty
11/8/2013, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
By Editorial page
The ancient wisdom that children are different from adults has also influenced ideas on the extent to which children should be held responsible for their actions. Last year, the U.S. Supreme Court…
Juvenile justice needs more community-based options
11/7/2013, Shreveport Times
By Peyton Cole
These children — OUR children — cannot keep falling through the cracks because of “staffing problems” or budgets. They are lives that can, and should, have a chance to have a…
Incarceration is Only One Piece of a Rational, Effective Juvenile Justice System
11/6/2013, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By George Timberlake, Ret.
A visitor from another planet – or even another country – who reviewed the juvenile justice system in most states, might conclude that we are committed to continuing crime through our…
Juvenile justice minus politics
11/5/2013, Shreveport Times
By Mike Hasten
One normally wouldn’t think that administering justice, especially for juveniles, would be impacted by politics. But political decisions, like cutting taxes and shuffling funds among different…
Give more teens second chances in juvenile court
11/5/2013, Janesville Gazette
By Editorial
Wisconsin should give 17-year-old nonviolent first-time offenders a break. Instead of sending them to adult court and risking higher levels of recidivism, the state should pass Senate Bill 308 and…
JJDPA: Setting National Standards for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System
11/4/2013, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Shaena Fazal
Almost 40 years ago, Congress enacted the Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA), the bedrock federal juvenile justice law that sets national standards for youth in the system. The law…
Trying youth as adults can harm society
10/30/2013, The Advertiser
By Jesscia Sandoval
Over the past several years, we have witnessed a steady stream of research demonstrating that the practice of trying and sentencing children in adult court does not reduce crime; in fact, it does…
Juvenile justice system has serious flaws
10/30/2013, The Advertiser
By Gina Womack
In the editorial, “Some juveniles should be tried as adults,” published last week, there were some oversights that should be taken into consideration. The editorial, published on Oct.…
Do We Invest in Preschools or Prisons?
10/26/2013, The New York Times
By Nicholas D. Kristof
CONGRESS is often compared to pre-K, which seems defamatory of small children. But the similarities also offer hope, because an initiative that should be on the top of the national agenda has less to…
Ohio is a leader in smart reforms for juvenile justice
10/21/2013, Columbus Dispatch
By Evelyn Lundberg
When I was a justice on the Ohio Supreme Court, and now as I visit other states working on juvenile-justice reforms in my new capacity as an advocate, once again I find great reason to be proud of…
Juvenile justice reform pays, in dollars and sense
10/16/2013, Ledger-Enquirer
We have written in this forum already about the importance of Georgia's review of its juvenile justice system, part of the overall revision of criminal justice and sentencing laws as proposed by Gov.…
Children, even teenagers, don’t belong in adult jails
10/15/2013, The Washington Post
By Editorial page
WHAT DO you do with children suspected or convicted of committing very adult crimes? The answer isn’t easy, particularly when violence is involved. One thing that’s clear, though:…
Improving the court’s response to status offenders
10/14/2013, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge Michael Nash
We are now approaching the last quarter of 2013 and the subject of status offenders and what we should do with them or for them is still an active subject of discussion within the framework of our…
Illinois needs smaller juvenile prison systems
10/2/2013, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
Illinois received more evidence last week that incarcerating young people doesn’t rehabilitate them. Independent experts told a federal court that Illinois’ juvenile prison system…
Celebrating the ‘My Kid Test’ and Patience in Chicago
9/11/2013, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
When you bring a couple hundred good people together on a Friday in downtown Chicago, you can expect a party to break out. But if those people also happen to be juvenile justice policy wonks, the…
Much progress in Illinois and US to cut youth incarceration
8/30/2013, Elgin (IL) Courier-News
By Sarah Bryer, Director, National Juvenile Justice Network, and Elizabeth Clarke, President, Juvenile Justice Initiative
In state legislatures across the country, a new mentality on youth incarceration is emerging, dramatically reversing a troubling trend while also benefiting kids, saving taxpayer money and keeping…
OP-ED: Wise Spending Leads to Effective Solutions
8/8/2013, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
A recent conversation with a group of friends reminded me that discussions about money are complicated and can move easily from discussion to heated argument. I said that more public funds should be…
Editorial: New standards improve Louisana's juvenile detention centers
7/19/2013, Lake Charles American Press
A new set of standards for the state’s juvenile detention centers that took effect July 1 is setting Louisiana up as a model for other states to follow. Before now, the state’s 15…
It's time to stop these crimes against Illinois' imprisoned youth
7/16/2013, Crain's Chicago Business
By John Maki, Executive Director, John Howard Association of Illinois
For several months last year, representatives of the U.S. Department of Justice passed through tight security of 326 of the nation's jails and prisons holding juveniles. The federal contractors were…
OP-ED: Behind Juvenile Justice Statistics are Real Human Consequences
7/3/2013, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
If it’s possible for a public policy research topic to be “in vogue,” juvenile justice has been a craze for the past decade.
Voice of the People: Juvenile Justice
7/2/2013, Chicago Tribune
By Andrea Durbin, CEO, Illinois Collaboration on Youth
The recent American Civil Liberties Union report about the war on marijuana has brought to light facts that are often hidden behind "tough on crime" slogans and bureaucratic agendas. Illinois ranks…
System Failure: Sexual Victimization in Illinois Juvenile Prisons
6/13/2013, HuffPost Chicago
By John Maki, Executive Director of the John Howard Association of Illinois
In a recently released national study, the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) found that Illinois ranked among the four worst states in the country for rates of reported sexual victimization in…
My View: Juvenile justice system broken, needs oversight
6/13/2013, Freeport (IL) Journal-Standard
By Elizabeth Clarke, President of the Juvenile Justice Initiative
Too often, it takes a crisis — and victims — to bring about a change.
In Illinois, a Season of Restorative Justice
6/5/2013, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George Timberlake
It has been a good spring for juvenile justice in Illinois. In a year of great fiscal challenge, the General Assembly approved Gov. Pat Quinn’s proposal to double funding for Redeploy Illinois,…
Taking a More Standard Approach
6/3/2013, National Juvenile Defender Center
By Rey Cheatham Banks and Sarah Bergen
The practice of juvenile defense is often an ad hoc system of representation with no definable structure, guidelines, or standards. Some states have a statewide system of defense, while others rely…
A Public-Private Partnership that Works
5/23/2013, Juvenile Law Center
By Autumn Dickman
Public-private partnerships are a staple of good government initiatives. Rarely, however, has such a partnership existed in juvenile justice on the scale of MacArthur Foundation’s…
Prevent crime by giving children the right start
5/23/2013, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
By St. Clair County (IL) State's Attorney Brendan Kelly
There is a growing consensus among law enforcement that we need to be doing much more on the front end to prevent crime on the back end. That’s why my office has created a Children’s…
Editorial: Fighting crime the smart way
5/22/2013, Chicago Sun-Times
As recently as three years ago, more than 1,300 young people were locked up in juvenile prisons in Illinois, costing the state a small fortune, from $88,000 to $98,000 per inmate. Now, thanks in…
Voice of the Reader: Redeploy Illinois needs support
5/21/2013, Southern Illinoisan (Carbondale)
By Union County (IL) State's Attorney Tyler Edmonds
My law enforcement colleagues do a good job addressing juvenile crime and making sure offending juveniles are taken off the streets. But we continually arrest and prosecute the same kids and send…
One Case Makes the Case for Community Based Services
5/8/2013, Youth Today
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
CHICAGO -- The national debate continues over the issues of guns and violence, but attention to the subject of mental health services and funding must not be lost. We cannot miss the opportunity to…
Editorial: State can be a leader in juvenile justice
5/7/2013, Chicago Sun-Times
In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that juveniles should not be sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole. But the court didn’t address two issues. What about juveniles who…
A New Hub for Juvenile Justice Research
4/24/2013, Juvenile Justice Resource Hub
By Juvenile Justice Information Exchange and the National Juvenile Justice Network
Juvenile justice professionals take note: a new resource launches this week that will make it easier—and more engaging—than ever to get in-depth journalism stories together with key…
Guest Editorial: Justice for all, including juveniles
4/7/2013, New Orleans Times Picayune
By Catherine 'Kitty' Kimball
I have spent the past two decades serving on the Louisiana Supreme Court. During that time, I have made juvenile justice reform a priority. For our youth to be properly served, we need to refocus…
Raise the Age; Don't Split the Difference
4/3/2013, Youth Today
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
The MacArthur Foundation's new "Mistakes Kids Make" Internet-based campaign is a welcome and innovative way to educate the public of the wisdom of giving kids an opportunity to straighten out their…
Editorial: Raise age for charging youths as adults
3/25/2013, Chicago Sun-Times
In Illinois, a 17-year-old goof caught shoplifting a $150 iPod Touch, a misdemeanor theft, is charged as a juvenile. If the same 17-year-old goof steals a $400 iPhone, a felony theft, he is charged…
We are the System
3/6/2013, Youth Today
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
Since the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School late last year, there has been an abundance of suggested policy changes to keep children safe. They include armed guards in every school…
Truancy Needs Early and Innovative Intervention
2/20/2013, Youth Today
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
Skipping school – perhaps that makes you think of adventures with high school friends just to test your independence. Four of my high school pals skipped school one beautiful spring day and…
Though controversial, prison reform a necessity
2/10/2013, Chicago Sun-Times
By Esther Franco-Payne
Every discussion of state government today revolves around the public pension funds stalemate, a crisis that has sucked the air out of the State Capitol. Yet, the wheels of state government keep…
A Rational Approach to School Safety and Student Performance
2/5/2013, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
Debate is raging in communities across the country about the role of police in our nation’s schools. While the discussion is long overdue, too often the debate centers on the role and presence…
Screen to Save: Youth Assessment Conserves Resources and Improves Outcomes for Youth
By Gina Vincent and David Kindler
Screen to Save: Youth Assessment Conserves Resources and Improves Outcomes for Youth Youth “risk for re-offending” assessment tools can help juvenile justice systems to target resources…
Juvenile Justice Sees Progress
12/27/2012, The Advocate
By Justice Catherine Kimball
Juvenile justice sees progress Some good news about Louisiana’s success on the juvenile justice reform front was announced last week in the results of a nationwide study. While the news did…
Our View: In Louisiana, A Friend for Youth and a Model for Change
12/23/2012, The Town Talk, Alexandria
By Opinion
Louisiana knows only too well about the “school to prison” pipeline and the lifelong deleterious effects it has on young people who get run through it. Louisiana needs to know that…
For the Newly-Elected Judge, a Different View of Juvenile Court
11/7/2012, Youth Today
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
Dozens of lawyers won their first elections as judges this month, and they will soon experience the sensation of viewing the courtroom from the other side of the bench and hearing the words…
Don’t play politics: Close underused youth prisons
10/28/2012, Chicago Sun-Times
By Stephanie Kollmann
Voters are rightly disinclined to blame state workers for Illinois’ fiscal woes. Still, it’s hard to imagine the economic moment when taxpayers would be sympathetic to a union that…
llinois should close two juvenile prisons to save money
9/3/2012, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
By George W. Timberlake, Chair, Illinois Juvenle Justice Commission
With Gov. Pat Quinn and Illinois AFSCME locked in a protracted lawsuit over the governor's intention to close state prisons, the public debate often focuses on overcrowding in the state's adult…
Editorial: Justice for juveniles
8/22/2012, Chicago Sun-Times
Cook County’s juvenile justice center has made big strides in recent years. It’s cleaner and safer, its staff is more responsive and its school is more effective. But improvements…
6/10/2012, Chicago Sun-Times
By Julie Biehl
Q. What happens when a state responds to non-violent juvenile delinquents with a justice system that holds them accountable for their actions and delivers family counseling, addiction treatment and…
Closing 2 Adult, Juvenile Prisons is the Right Move
5/7/2012, Chicago Sun-Times
By Paula Wolff
Despite a drop in crime and the need to close a multibillion-dollar budget hole, politics again threaten to derail plans to cut spending on prisons. Bowing to pressure by those opposed to closing…
Even Youths Who Offend Deserve Chance to Grow Up
4/12/2012, Chicago Sun-Times
By Joshua Sohn and the Rev. David Kelly
America stands alone among industrialized nations in telling children as young as 13 that they are beyond hope or redemption. More countries around the world impose sentences of caning, amputation or…
Don't put juveniles in jail for life
By Laurence Steinberg
Laurence Steinberg is a professor of psychology at Temple University and former director of the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Adolescent Development and Juvenile Justice. He is the author…
Teens change, given a chance
3/19/2012, Philadelphia Inquirer
By Edwin Desamour
I pick up a call on the hotline. It's one of several services the organization I cofounded provides for at-risk youths in my Philadelphia neighborhood. The kid on the other end of the of the line…
Editorial: Non-Violent Juveniles Should not be Locked Up
1/3/2012, Chicago Sun-Times
Illinois has long been a pioneer in juvenile justice, creating the nation’s first juvenile court as long ago as 1899. But in recent years, Illinois hasn’t looked so much like a pioneer…
Editorial: Time for an Intelligent Approach to Juvenile Justice
12/14/2011, The Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
Imagine this line from a state report on young offenders and let it sink in for a moment:“The Illinois auditor general estimates that incarceration in (an Illinois Department of Juvenile…
Legislation is overdue to protect children's rights
11/18/2011, Patriot News
By Marsha Levick
Over the past 36 years, Juvenile Law Center has witnessed many horrific incidents involving children. Each time, the same questions arise – how could this happen and what can we do to make sure…
Editorial: Teen Alternatives to Jail Good for All
10/28/2011, Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
It's not every day that a state legislature working to trim the budget could be making life much better for those on whom we traditionally have spent a lot of money. But that seems to be the case…
Editorial: Illinois Should Close at Least One Juvenile Prison
10/25/2011, The Pantagraph (Bloomington, IL)
Unlike their adult counterparts, Illinois’ juvenile prisons — with one exception — are at or below capacity. The state has been successful in diverting young offenders to other…
Editorial: Prison isn’t Best Option for Nonviolent Youths
10/14/2011, Chicago Sun-Times
A debate over closing the Illinois Youth Center in Downstate Murphysboro has focused on jobs and money and pitted Gov. Pat Quinn against legislators and organized labor. But here’s something…
Looking for Savings, (Illinois Gov. Pat) Quinn Has a Good Idea
10/2/2011, New York Times
By James Warren
Locking up juvenile offenders isn’t working. What is working, both here and nationally, are community-based rehabilitation alternatives to punishment and isolation, notably with nonviolent…
Zero-Tolerance School-Discipline Policies are a Problem
9/25/2011, Seattle Times
By Jerry Large
People have a bad habit of overreacting to one problem and creating another in the process. Zero-tolerance school-discipline policies fall into that category. That's become increasingly clear in…
Editorial: State’s Lack of Efficiency is Costly
9/18/2011, Decatur Herald & Review
It makes sense to close at least one juvenile prison in Illinois, as Gov. Pat Quinn has recommended. That's unusual to hear, since there has been a lot of noise about how closing the seven…
Closing Juvenile Prison Makes Sense
9/12/2011, Rockford Register Star (Rockford, Illinois)
By Elizabeth Clarke, President of the Juvenile Justice Initiative
Gov. Pat Quinn’s plan to close some state facilities to address budget shortfalls will put pressure on legislators to find new money to avoid the cuts, but one of the cuts — the closing…
Sex Offender Legislation is Often More About Politics than Justice
9/1/2011, Illinois Issues
By Jamey Dunn
Unless you spend time in the state Capitol, you would likely never imagine that lawmakers spend a good portion of their time debating a single issue: sex offenders. A cursory search of the General…
There are Better Alternatives to Youth Detention
8/28/2011, Patriot News
By Daniel P. Elby, CEO of Alternative Rehabilitation Communities
The Pennsylvania juvenile justice system is based on the philosophy of balanced and restorative justice. Implementing this philosophy ensures that each county dedicates equal attention to the…
Fighting Gangs Together
8/25/2011, Renton Reporter
By Justice Bobbe Bridge
Gang violence seems to be everywhere today, even right here in our own suburban neighborhoods – and it’s mobile, moving across city borders. So, how can South and East King County…
Why Juvenile Offenders Need ‘Aftercare’
8/25/2011, Daily Herald
By George Timberlake
The heart-wrenching Daily Herald series recounting the 2008 attack on Elgin High School teacher Carolyn Gilbert has taken its readers to places few of us can imagine and where none of us want to…
Editorial: Prison Not Only Choice for Justice
8/17/2011, The Alton Telegraph and The Jacksonville Courier-News (Illinois)
The tough-love approach to juvenile justice undertaken in the 1980s and ‘90s was designed to send a message to frighten would-be young criminals. You get caught, you go to jail. To an extent…
Taxing and Spending, in Balance
7/24/2011, New York Times
By Robert J. Shiller
Economic View Taxing and Spending, in Balance By ROBERT J. SHILLER Published: July 23, 2011 The very term “fiscal stimulus” has become tainted. John Boehner, the House speaker, refers…
Save Truant Youth Before They Get to Court
6/23/2011, Seattle Times
By Bobbe Bridge
EARLIER this month, the Washington Supreme Court reversed an appeals court ruling that truant students must be represented by attorneys at the earliest stage of truancy hearings. Many of us from…
Statistics Don't Tell Total Child Abuse Story
5/8/2011, The Patriot-News
By Jeanette Krebs
Recently the state released its annual report on child abuse. As Gov. Tom Corbett wrote in one of the first pages, the number of cases of substantiated child abuse reports declined to 14.9 percent…
Transforming Juvenile Justice: Lawyers Making A Difference
2/1/2011, Illinois Bar Journal
By Mark Hassikis, President of the Illinois State Bar Association, and Lisa Jacobs, Illinois Models for Change
A look at three lawyers who are helping to create a more fair, effective, and rational juvenile justice system in Illinois, often by starting in their own communities. Last month's President's Page…
What if it Were Your Child?
1/1/2011, Illinois Bar Journal
By By Mark Hassikis, President of the Illinois State Bar Association, and Lisa Jacobs, Illinois Models for Change
What would the juvenile justice system look like if we knew our sons, daughters, and grandchildren would go through it? Remember the really stupid things you did as a teenager? If pressed, virtually…
Opinion: Young Offenders are Different
8/27/2010, The News-Star (Monroe, Louisiana)
By Dana Kaplan
Currently in Louisiana there are 897 individuals behind bars for crimes committed as juveniles. Of these 897, almost half, 394, were prosecuted as adults, bypassing the juvenile justice system…
Editorial: Recommit to Serving Troubled Teens
8/3/2010, The Daily Herald
It's been nearly a year since a 16-year-old boy took his own life inside a state youth prison in St. Charles. Nearly a year to look at what went wrong. Nearly a year for change to happen. We've…
ISBA President Will Work on Juvenile Justice Reform
7/22/2010, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
By Mark D. Hassakis
To the editor: The appointment last week of a new state juvenile justice chief — a veteran of the state's child welfare system — signals a new era in juvenile justice reform. Mr. Arthur…
Your Mail: Uniform Standards Coming
7/14/2010, The Alexandria Town Talk
By Louisiana State Representative Damon Baldone
During the recent session, the Legislature took a long-awaited -- and very necessary -- step toward juvenile justice reform. In collaboration with the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana and the…
Taking Responsibility for Youth Justice
4/12/2010, Chicago Tribune
By Elizabeth Clarke, President, Juvenile Justice Initiative
Tribune readers should have been shocked to learn that more than 10 percent of the youths in state prisons have served their sentences but remain locked up because the state agency responsible for…
Effective Strategy on Juvenile Crime Has Southern Illinois Roots
4/8/2010, The Southern Illinoisan, Carbondale, Illinois
By The Southern Illinoisan
Our View: New approach to juvenile justice in Illinois is neither "soft" nor "tough" on crime. It looks at the whole juvenile and is "smart" on crime. When Chief Circuit Judge George Timberlake…
Kids Killing kids
3/15/2010, Chicago Tribune
The lost boys look crisp in T-shirts and desert-tan dungarees. The black letters that spill down one leg of each trousers, "IDOC," mark Bill Bigeck and Eddie Morfin as wards of the Illinois…
Scandals Highlight the Need for Juvenile Justice Reform
3/4/2010, Illinois Issues
By Jamey Dunn
Just a few months ago, it looked as if the scandal surrounding the “Meritorious Good Time Push” prisoner-release program could cost Gov. Pat Quinn a win in the primary election. Under the…
Kids Should Never Be Tried As Adults
2/18/2010, CNN
By Bob Schwartz
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (CNN) -- About 20 years ago, 9-year-old Cameron Kocher fired a rifle out of a window of his home in upstate Pennsylvania and hit his 7-year-old neighbor, who was riding on…
Reforming Juvenile Justice
2/1/2010, The New York Times
By Tracy Velázquez
To the Editor: Re “Seeking to Send Fewer Youths to Jail, City Shifts Strategy on Delinquency” (news article, Jan. 21): It’s past time for acknowledging that America’s…
Juvenile Law Center Strives for Justice Reform
12/28/2009, The Legal Intelligencer
By Robert Schwartz
The Juvenile Law Center's highly publicized work on behalf of thousands of Luzerne County teens is of obvious import. It also has its ironies. Since 2004, the Juvenile Law Center has been the "lead…
Keith Snyder Honored for Mental Health Reform Efforts
12/20/2009, Juvenile Court Judges' Commission Newsletter
By Marie Yeager
Keith Snyder, Deputy Director of the Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission, was honored by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation as a Champion for Change in juvenile justice reform for…
Saving young offenders is project's goal
10/21/2009, Sauk Valley Newspapers, Dixon and Sterling, Illinois
The criminal justice system in Ogle County is trying a new cooperative approach to discourage juvenile offenders from committing more crimes. The initiative is an effort by the Ogle County…
Focus on juvenile-justice reform
6/19/2009, Houman Today
By Catherine Kimball
The Louisiana Legislature is currently considering a number of measures that would change the way our juvenile justice system works. Some would change the way parole is addressed for juvenile…
Letter: For Youth, Second Chances
4/15/2009, New York Times
By Jonathan Fanton
To the Editor: “Missouri System Treats Juvenile Offenders With Lighter Hand” (news article, March 27) highlights the Missouri Model, which is just one of many promising reforms under way…
Essay: "Second Century" by Jonathan Fanton
4/1/2009, Illinois Issues
By Jonathan Fanton, President, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Illinois is in the vanguard of a national move to reform juvenile justice. This summer, the new Department of Juvenile Justice took charge of juvenile corrections in Illinois. This reform rested on…
Untreated Mental Health Needs Fuels School to Jail Pipeline
1/5/2009, New York Times
By Joseph J. Cocozza, Ph.D.
Letter to the Editor NY Times RE: The Principal's Office First To The Editor: Thank you for drawing attention to the issue of increasing school arrests. Frequently, arrested youth have untreated…
Op-Ed: Illinois a national leader in juvenile justice reforms
5/14/2008, Peoria Star Journal
By Jonathan Fanton, President, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
In 1899, Illinois established the nation's first juvenile court. The court was created with the enlightened goal of providing individual attention to young people in trouble with the law. The…
Op-Ed: Better Models for Juvenile Justice
8/22/2007, The Christian Science Monitor
By Rod R. Blagojevich, Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, Edward G. Rendell and Chris Gregoire
Springfield, Ill.; Baton Rouge, La.; Harrisburg, Pa.; and Olympia, Wash. Amid news stories that raise the specter of increasing juvenile crime, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that crime rates…
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