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Juvenile justice news coverage related to Models for Change issues, states, networks, and grantees

In the news

National Association of Counties Calls for Abolition of Life Without Parole for Children
8/27/2014, NACo
By Staff
During its annual conference in New Orleans, the National Association of Counties (NACo) adopted more than 30 new policy positions to guide advocacy efforts. Included was the position that opposes…
Illinois Creates Independent Ombudsman Office to Protect Youth in Prison and on Aftercare
8/26/2014, Illinois Models for Change
By Staff
Illinois has joined a growing number of states with juvenile ombudsman programs intended to help protect the rights of youth in custody. “It is essential for the safety of our incarcerated…
Evidence-Based ‘Gold Standard’: Coveted, Yet Controversial
8/13/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Gary Gately
The [evidence-based practice] designation is both coveted and controversial. Purists maintain only programs subjected to the highest scrutiny should be employed in juvenile justice, viewing them…
Analysis: Holes in the Evidence for Evidence-Based
8/13/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Dick Mendel
I was reminded of “Less Hype, More Help” this month by the rollout of a JJIE’s new online Resource Hub on evidence-based programs and practices, and by Gary Gately’s feature…
The Skinny on Evidence-Based Practices
8/12/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Benjamin Chambers
There’s a lot more to do to advance the spread of evidence-based practices. For this reason, next week, the Juvenile Justice Resource Hub will publish a new section devoted to evidence-based…

Press releases

IACP Releases National Summit Report: Law Enforcement’s Leadership Role in Juvenile Justice Reform - Actionable Recommendations for Practice and Policy
7/31/2014, International Association of Chiefs of Police
Alexandria, VA – On July 31, 2014, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) released the report of the National Summit on Law Enforcement Leadership in Juvenile Justice, which…

Op-eds and essays

OP-ED: Juvenile Sex Offender Registries Don’t Make Us Safer
8/18/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
Sex offenders are people, too. You probably won’t see that on bumper stickers soon, but it is the sentiment I try to convey when explaining my views of how our society should respond to sexual…
OP-ED: Ferguson a Stark Reminder of Racial Disparity in Nation’s Justice System
8/15/2014, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Elizabeth Clarke
The protests in Ferguson, Mo., have captured the attention of the nation, focusing on the injustice and racial disparities in the justice system — in Ferguson.