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Juvenile justice news coverage related to Models for Change issues, states, networks, and grantees

In the news

States See Marked Drop in Juvenile Prison Populations as Reforms Take Hold
1/29/2015, Washington Post
By Reid Wilson
A falling crime rate and new reforms to the way juveniles are treated by the criminal justice system have dramatically cut the number of young people in state prisons, according to a new report that…
Connecticut Lawmakers Seek to Limit Use of Shackles in Juvenile Court
1/29/2015, New Haven Register
By Karen Schmidt
Concerns about use of shackles on juveniles in court have prompted two lawmakers, Rep. Bruce Morris of Norwalk and Rep. Toni Walker of New Haven, to introduce legislation to limit the use of…
Not a Lock: Youth Who Stay Closer to Home Do Better than Those in Detention, Texas Study Shows
1/29/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Lynne Anderson
A broad study of reforms in the Texas Juvenile Justice Department “puts a nail in the coffin” of the strategy of youth prisons as a public safety option, said the director of the Juvenile…
Opportunity to Improve Diversion of Youth with Behavioral Health Disorders Announced
1/22/2015, National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice
By Staff
States seeking to develop or improve policies and practices that divert justice-involved youth with behavioral health disorders to appropriate community-based programs and services are encouraged to…
Interactive Information Sharing Tool Kit Now Available Online
1/20/2015, Juvenile Law Center and Robert F. Kennedy National Resource Center for Juvenile Justice
By Staff
The Information Sharing Tool Kit, which was originally developed in 2008 to help facilitate reforms in Models for Change sites, has been updated and placed online. This interactive website will…

Press releases

SAMHSA, MacArthur Launch Program to Improve Response to Youth with Behavioral Needs
1/22/2015, SAMHSA/MacArthur Foundation
By Press Release
Continuing their successful collaboration to accelerate reform of juvenile justice system responses to youth with behavioral health needs, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services…

Op-eds and essays

OP-ED: Dr. King, His Day, Then and Now
1/22/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Alton Pitre
The moment you realize the things you used to do were dumb is the divine moment you realize how far you have come. Attending the parade on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Atlanta this year was the…
OP-ED: Ten Minutes to Convict, 70 Years to Exonerate
1/9/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Marcy Mistrett
At the end of last year, 70 years after the state of South Carolina executed 14-year-old George Stinney Jr., he was finally exonerated. A judge threw out his murder conviction, citing constitutional…
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