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Juvenile justice news related to Models for Change issues, states, networks, and grantees

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50 State Teams Gather to Develop Plans for Improving Youth Outcomes in Each State Juvenile Justice System
11/10/2015, Council of State Governments Justice Center
By CSG Justice Center
AUSTIN, TX—On the heels of new data showing massive reductions in the number of youth incarcerated, legislators, judges, juvenile justice administrators and other representatives from all 50…
Malloy: Raise the age for juvenile justice system to 20
11/6/2015, The Connecticut Mirror
By Jacqueline Rabe Thomas and Mark Paniokas
A 20-year-old who gets into a fight or is caught stealing faces serious jail time if convicted. In a far-ranging policy speech about bail reform and juvenile justice Friday, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy…
Pennsylvania Won’t Disclose Names of Doctors Prescribing in Youth Corrections
11/1/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Halle Stockton
Pennsylvania defied an Office of Open Records ruling and took the matter to court to conceal the names of doctors prescribing to kids confined in its six correctional facilities. The Pennsylvania…
Where’s the Oversight of Psychiatric Meds for Pennsylvania Youth Offenders?
10/28/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Halle Stockton
Pennsylvania is lagging when it comes to tracking the powerful psychiatric medications kids get in the state’s youth correctional facilities. While other states have reformed the way they…
Pennsylvania Juvenile Offenders Given Psychiatric Drugs at High Rates
10/25/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Halle Stockton
It’s the end of the line for these Pennsylvania kids. They’ve fallen through every safety net, and they keep making the same mistakes or more violent ones. The kids — nearly all…

Press releases

Presidential Proclamation -- National Youth Justice Awareness Month, 2015
10/1/2015, The White House
By Staff
NATIONAL YOUTH JUSTICE AWARENESS MONTH, 2015 - - - - - - - BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION All our Nation's children deserve the chance to fulfill…

Op-eds and essays

Once-Incarcerated Youth Are Now Faces of Freedom
8/24/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Alton Pitre
"Because of our resilience, which allowed us to transform, we all are now free and fighting for just policies and laws in our juvenile and criminal justice systems in our own different ways. Because…
Let’s Treat Juveniles in Detention at Least as Well as Animals in Zoo
8/12/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Elizabeth Clarke
Prisons, or concrete cages, are outdated concepts for animals. Our zoos have turned animal enclosures into humane reproductions of their natural home environment. Yet our detention centers/prisons…
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