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Juvenile justice news coverage related to Models for Change issues, states, networks, and grantees

In the news

Interactive Information Sharing Tool Kit Now Available Online
1/20/2015, Juvenile Law Center and Robert F. Kennedy National Resource Center for Juvenile Justice
By Staff
The Information Sharing Tool Kit, which was originally developed in 2008 to help facilitate reforms in Models for Change sites, has been updated and placed online. This interactive website will…
Whistleblowers Say DOJ Grants Failed To Protect Kids Behind Bars
1/19/2015, National Public Radio
By Carrie Johnson
There's new scrutiny this year on a federal program that's supposed to protect juveniles in the criminal justice system. Senate lawmakers want to pass a bill that would ensure young people are not…
Cuomo Seeks to Raise Age of Criminal Responsibility
1/19/2015, Newsday
By Yancey Roy
ALBANY -- After a lengthy campaign by advocates, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Monday that the state should change the age of criminal responsibility to 18, meaning 16- and 17-year-olds would no longer…
Cooperation Improves Kids’ Lives in Tribal Nation within County
1/18/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Molly Miron
BEMIDJI, Minn. — Way up in northwestern Minnesota, progress is being made within the Ojibwe tribes. “It’s been a long process,” said Trisha Hansen, Bemidji District…
‘Dual-Status’ Kids Endure Another Kind of Double Jeopardy
1/18/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Gary Gately
It’s hard to say how many children become entangled in both the juvenile justice and child welfare systems, partly because of the historical bureaucratic divides between the two…

Press releases

Judge Timberlake Honored as Champion for Change
12/15/2014, Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission
By Press Release
Judge George W. Timberlake, Chair of the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission, Honored as Champion for Change Timberlake’s Leadership Recognized at National Conference of MacArthur-supported…

Op-eds and essays

OP-ED: Ten Minutes to Convict, 70 Years to Exonerate
1/9/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Marcy Mistrett
At the end of last year, 70 years after the state of South Carolina executed 14-year-old George Stinney Jr., he was finally exonerated. A judge threw out his murder conviction, citing constitutional…
OP-ED: Juvenile Justice Questions to Ask for 2015
1/7/2015, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
By Judge George W. Timberlake, Ret.
I read several automobile-related magazines and websites — some related to very old cars. A recent article described a collector’s restoration of a 1930 LaSalle with a rear body section…
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