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Models for Change Research Initiative

Added Feb 2, 2009

1701 North 13th Street
Temple University, Dept. of Psychology
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Phone (610) 805-0542

The juvenile justice system was founded more than a century ago on the principle that children are fundamentally different from adults, and that the justice system that deals with them should reflect these differences. During the 1990s that founding principle was all but forgotten as the system moved away from rehabilitation and became increasingly punitive. Where child advocates saw children in need of help, law enforcement, policymakers, and much of the public saw a system that was failing to protect the public or to hold youngsters accountable for their actions. What was missing from the debate was a scientifically grounded developmental perspective.

The MacArthur Foundation established the Models for Change Research Initiative (formerly called the Research Network on Adolescent Development and Juvenile Justice) to provide that perspective. Bringing together a broad spectrum of scholars, policy experts, and practitioners in social science, psychology, criminology, and law, the Network’s mission has been to give the field knowledge based on sound science and legal scholarship—information and ideas to which policy-makers and practitioners can respond.

Areas of focus

Child and Adolescent Development

Tags: Child and Adolescent Development

Created Feb 02, 2009