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Juvenile Justice Center, Barry University School of Law

Added Aug 13, 2009

2169 North Forsyth Road
Orlando, FL 32807

Phone (407) 681-5411

The Juvenile Justice Center at Barry University School of Law was founded in 2007 through a generous grant from the Eckerd Family Foundation.  The Juvenile Justice Center is committed to equality and justice through zealous advocacy for children in the delinquency system. The Center is devoted to improving the quality of representation through training, networking and consulting with law students, public defenders and those in the legal field  that represent children.  The Center works to create dramatic reform in  the juvenile justice field in Florida with an emphasis on improvements in the quality of representation of children in the delinquency system, lasting positive impacts in legislation and a vision that juvenile delinquency representation is a specialized discipline.

Reform areas: Juvenile indigent defense

States: Florida

Created Aug 13, 2009