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Pa Council of Chief Juvenile Probation Officers

Added Jul 16, 2009

650 Ferry Street
Easton, PA 18042

The Council reviews, and when appropriate, responds to issues and legislation that affect juvenile justice in the State. An in-depth and routine review of Juvenile Court and probation standards is an essential task of the Council. The Council also takes an active role in sponsoring legislation related to juvenile justice topics. When appropriate, members will testify at public/private hearings and speak with government representatives to ensure the laws governing the juvenile justice system meet the needs of the community, victims and the youth it serves.

Ongoing education and training for probation officers and child care staff is encouraged and supported by the Council. Council members suggest topics for the Center for Juvenile Justice Training and Research annual training programs. Recent programs have focused on Balanced and Restorative Justice issues and practices, victim services, satanic cults, educational law, probation officer safety, cultural diversity, gangs, etc. In addition, Council members instruct courses in the undergraduate and graduate Criminal Justice Program numerous institutions of higher learning. In addition, they are key presenters at various national conferences and workshops.

Many common areas concerning juvenile justice issues are supported jointly by the Council and the Commission. Many training and educational initiatives are collaborative efforts between these two influential organizations.

The Council's knowledge, experience and professionalism continue to positively influence the quality of juvenile justice throughout the nation.