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National Center for Juvenile Justice

Added Feb 2, 2009

3700 South Water Street
Suite 200
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Phone (412) 227-6950

The National Center for Juvenile Justice, founded in 1973, is the Research Division of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. It is the only independent research organization that focuses exclusively on juvenile justice issues, with the mission of strengthening the effectiveness of juvenile and family justice systems and improving the quality of justice for children and families. NCJJ analyzes data on young people as victims and offenders, evaluates juvenile justice procedures and interventions, and conducts cross-cutting assessments of state laws that affect children and adolescents.

Partners and clients

NCJJ works primarily with state juvenile justice agencies and local juvenile courts and probation departments.

Strategies and services

NCJJ provides expertise in data analysis, research, strategic planning, and assessment. It serves as project coordinator for the Models for Change initiative and provides guidance to the initiative’s site-based work.

As the project’s technical assistance resource center, NCJJ supports state-level strategic planning, establishes baseline measures, documents the implementation of state work plans, and monitors the progress of each state toward its individual goals and the overall goals of the initiative.

Areas of expertise

NCJJ concentrates its efforts in three general areas: Guiding and improving policy development and practice through the analysis and dissemination of statistical information on juveniles and juvenile justice; keeping juvenile justice professionals informed regarding patterns and developments in juvenile and family law; and helping individual courts and probation departments solve problems, and developing publications and other resources that address juvenile justice issues of importance to policymakers and practitioners in the field.



Reform areas: Aftercare, Community-based alternatives

States: Pennsylvania

Tags: Research, Statistics, Technical Assistance

Created Feb 02, 2009